Story Behind the Murder of Malcolm X’s Grandson Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

Story Behind the Murder of Malcolm X's Grandson Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test
Malcolm X’s grandson Malcolm Lateef Shabazz

AFRICANGLOBE – Don’t you just hate it when things don’t pass the smell test?

Miguel Suarez’s story ain’t passing the smell test, not with me, anyway.

Suarez is the Mexican national who was with Malcolm Shabazz, Malcolm X’s grandson, the night he was killed in Mexico.

Yes, the death of Malcolm Shabazz has bummed me out in ways I can’t describe. You can’t read – and re-read – “Autobiography of Malcolm X” as many times as I have and not feel at least a psychic connection with the Little family.

It doesn’t stop with the autobiography. In my home library, you’ll find books with titles like “Remembering Malcolm”, “Malcolm X Speaks”, “The Life and Death of Malcolm X”, “Seventh Child” (a biographical tribute to Malcolm X written by his nephew, Rodnell Collins) and “The End of White World Supremacy” (reputed to be Malcolm X’s last Nation of Islam speech).

So when I learn that Malcolm Shabazz, Malcolm X’s grandson had been beaten to death under some very strange circumstances in a foreign land, I want some answers.

Suarez should have some of those answers. Indeed, in initial news stories, he seems to have tried to provide them. Here’s an excerpt of a news story from the Web site

“Shabazz, 28, had traveled to Mexico to meet with a leader of a California activist and civil rights group known as RUMEC…..The leader, Miguel Suarez, had been deported last month to Mexico by U.S. officials.

“Suarez told the Associated Press that Shabazz had traveled to Mexico to support him and his movement. He said he was with Shabazz when Shabazz was beaten up at a bar near Plaza Garibaldi….

“‘We were dancing with the girls and drinking,’ Suarez said. Then the owner of the bar wanted them to pay a $1,200 bar tab for music, drinks and the women’s companionship.

“Suarez said a man with a gun took him to a separate room and he heard a violent commotion in the hall. He said he escaped and came back minutes later in a cab to look for Shabazz, whom he found on the ground outside the bar.”

This account raises far more questions than it answers.

1.    Suarez knew, or should have known, all the dangerous spots in Mexico that tourists should avoid at all costs. Why would he take Malcolm Shabazz to a notorious “hoochie” bar?
2.    This guy that appears with a gun to take Suarez to a separate room, leaving Malcolm Shabazz to the not-very-tender mercies of the men that would beat him to death – seems rather convenient, doesn’t it?
3.    Suarez “escaping” also seems rather convenient, doesn’t it?
4.    After his escape from a guy that pulled a gun on him – and AFTER hearing a “violent commotion” in the hall, Suarez returns in…..a cab?
5.    Why didn’t Suarez return with the cops, rather than a cab?
6.    Just HOW did Suarez escape from the guy with the gun?

A story on the web site says that Suarez and Shabazz “strayed” into the notorious “hoochie” bar. Sorry, I am not buying that one either.

RUMEC stands for Revolutionary United Mexicans in Combat. According to Internet sources, Suarez is a co-founder of the organization.

Shabazz, an African American activist like his grandfather, was known to support revolutionary movements throughout the world. He went to Mexico to support RUMEC and Suarez.

For his troubles, he ended up being beaten severely and tossed into a street reeking of the stench of sewage, according to the story.

How that happened warrants some better answers, far better than the ones that Miguel Suarez has provided so far.


By: Gregory Kane