Strauss-Kahn Lawyers Contest Medical Report

Lawyers acting for Dominique Strauss-Kahn are challenging findings in a hospital report that claim hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo was assaulted and raped

A medical report claiming to outline the injuries to the woman who claims she was raped by the former International Monetary Fund boss has been branded “deceitful” by his lawyers.

French magazine L’Express says it has a copy of a medical exam performed on victim Nafissatou Diallo at a hospital shortly after her encounter with Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the Sofitel hotel in May.

The report states the cause of Ms Diallo’s injuries was “assault and rape and a part of her genitals was torn and she had shoulder pain.”

Lawyers for Strass-Kahn are now contesting the findings in the report calling them “misleading and deceitful”.

“The hospital report is based almost exclusively on the word of the complaining witness, who has been proven, time and again, not to be credible, and it doesn’t establish a forceful encounter,” attorneys Benjamin Brafman and William W Taylor are reported as saying.

“The doctor’s findings are common conditions consistent with many possible causes other than a sexual assault,” the lawyers continued.

The case against the former IMF director will continue next Tuesday (August 23).

Prosecutors are allegedly expected to tell a Manhattan judge whether they want to proceed with a criminal trial against the 62-year-old Frenchman.

It has been reported that prosecutors were considering whether or not to drop the charges after finding out that Ms Diallo had misled them about her background and certain facts of the alleged incident.

Ms Diallo’s lawyer, Kenneth Thompson said his client’s reputation had taken a beating and prosecutors had undermined her credibility via an “ugly smear campaign” in the media.

“There have been leaks to the news media of false information about Ms Diallo, apparently by members of the Manhattan district attorney’s office that have severely damaged Ms. Diallo’s credibility, reputation and character,” the lawyer said.

Meanwhile Ms Diallo last week filed a civil suit against the former IMF boss saying she “faces a difficult recovery from an encounter with Mr Strauss-Kahn that left her violated, humiliated and degraded.”

In the lawsuit, she is seeking unspecified damages.