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The Strength Of The Black Man – Malcolm X


The Strength Of The Black Man - Malcolm X
Malcolm X

AFRICANGLOBE – Black men built pyramids in Africa, Black men like Jesus had wisdom, you had wisdom, that’s why they brought us out of Africa to build their nation … The United States of America.

If you didn’t have wisdom, they wouldn’t have brought you. If you were savages, like he says we were, do you think he’d travel half-way around the globe to bring savages here … when he was already fighting the Red man, who he also said was a savage?

He looked into Africa and saw Black men had worked with iron, bronze, gold; Black men have had governments, kings, universities and equality; but he tells you we were naked, running around in the jungle. That stuff makes you happy to be here. You actually think you were lucky to be brought here … because you don’t know what you were.

As long as you put needles in you arms, how can you think? You shoot smack, which goes to the brain and stops you from forming any thoughts.

[The White man’s] hatred for Black is normal, and he understands it, that is why he makes everything bad in his life Black. He’s got blackmail, a black day, black magic, even death comes in the news papers bordered in black.

Now he even makes you hate yourself … that’s why some of you call yourselves colored or mulatto or Negro … you don’t want to use the word Black.

As long as he uses the word ‘Negro’ he never uses the word ‘man.’ Only when you say Black, can the word man be tacked on.

You’re quick to call the devil the White man, or you’re quick to say Chinaman or German, but when it comes to yourselves … you want to switch to ‘the Negro’


By: Malcolm X


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