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Student Auctions Car To Raise Money For Mother’s Funeral


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Duke Safo in his mother arms

AFRICANGLOBE – A grieving son has launched a touching online campaign to raise money to help bury his mother following her death last year.

Duke Safo created a website to honour his mother Mary Safo who passed away, aged 48, on November 9 last year.

An extract from the site reads: “I owe my mum everything; she was a wonderful example of the type of person I still aspire to be like, which is why I want to give her a respectable goodbye.”

He continued: “My mum had an unrelenting happiness which was infectious, a smile which filled your heart with warmth, and a heart so pure she didn’t know how to not be genuine. Although I’m devastated not to have my mum here with me anymore, I’m happy she is in a better place where she deserves to be.”

Safo wants to bury his mother Mary, who suffered a blood clot to the heart’s main artery caused by a breakdown of fibroids in her womb, in her homeland of Ghana but hasn’t got enough money.

As a solution, he decided to auction off his prized Volkswagen Golf, nicknamed Izzy and sold raffle tickets online for £2 each in the hope of raising £5,000.

The cause gained pace thanks to Twitter campaign BuyACarForTwoPounds. But despite an overwhelming response, Safo only raised £3,026 and is still short of his target.

To make a donation, visit inlovingmemoryofmary.webs.com

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