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The Swirling Tendencies Of Black Women: They Are Justifying It With No Shame


The Swirling Tendencies Of Black Women: They Are Justifying It With No Shame
Most Black relationships are endogamous.

AFRICANGLOBE – Palmitagem is a term created by Black hysterical left-wing militants in Brazil, to refer primarily to straight Black men. Palmitagem is also a totalitarian way of pursuing and embarrassing Black men who intend to be or who find themselves in an interracial relationship.

While remaining an individual right, there are many Blacks who choose only interracial relationships. Being that the great majority of the Black male public, when they have a certain social and financial distinction, ends up being in relationships with non-Black women.

Bringing the issue to the equal footing. Some Black women also have the same behavior as Black men by having a preference for interracial relationships. Black women, be they singers or artists in general, when they elevate socially, the overwhelm majority ends up entering an interracial relationship. But why is there not the same judgment and social demand of Black women in relation to the persecution of the men?

Because there is a social prejudice against men, in which only they are responsible for everything bad, where they must assume all responsibility. Society sees a man as a feelingless being, who does not feel pain, so he must bear every burden, with no right to protest to expose his problem and frustration. When a man speaks of his frustration he is seen as weak, in addition to being branded as a male “mimimi” (whiners) by the fimivadias (feminists witches).

These social problems of men, if it were in relation to women, would be seen as the fault of machismo or a patriarchal society. Since the period of slavery when rape was perpetuated by the slave masters, social relations in Brazil occurred largely between white men and Black women.

Even during post-slavery this dynamic of relations of Black women and white men continued. For it is more feasible for a Black woman to have relations with white men, because they enjoy more social privileges and more favorable financial conditions. What is there to say about the many domestic servants who were often forced to have relations with their white bosses to keep their jobs, and often times this kind of relationship was consensual.

White men is also seen socially as more viable to have relations with and marry, to the detriment of the Black man who is seen as irresponsible, violent and promiscuous.

The relationship of Black men and white women to a large extent is very recent in relation to the white man and Black woman that had been occurring since the beginning of colonization. Yes, we heard of cases of white women and Black men, but on a very small scale, because men being slaves, there was a great stigma against Black men, and those who got caught up with a white woman suffered brutal punishment and were even killed to serve as an example to others.

It is worth remembering that many enslaved Blacks died as virgins. There existed the function of slave breeding, where few men among many were chosen, based on their physical size (good genetics), to exercise the exclusive function of generating new slaves. With this many Black men had no access to Black women, much less white women.

It’s important to emphasize that these hysterical and leftist Black militants use this false discourse as a basis for becoming victims and thereby doing their militancy. Thus it guarantees more privileges for themselves, to the detriment of the Black man and his image. What do Black women militants want with this? Do they want to approve a law that guarantees a quota to have relations with men? Or it is a way of justifying their interracial relationships without being embarrassed like Black men. Well, if it’s Leftist Femivadias, all kinds of bizarreness is possible.

I don’t want to validate interracial relationships with this post. On the contrary, interracial relationships lead to a degenerate society and cause a lot of problems for the Black community. Everything the leftists want to continue with their policies.

I want to pass on with this post, that this fallacy of which the Black men are Palmiteiros doesn’t hold up, passing on an image that only he is the villain. I also want to show that contrary to what is only shown, there are many more endogamous relationships in the Black community than there are interracial relationships. The motives are obvious. They want to do militancy on top of interracial relationships, the examples they show are of singers and football players, and this specific type of case forms a small minority in the Black community.

Unlike the hysterical Black women, I try to focus on good examples.


By: Marques Travae

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