Ted Nugent – A White Supremacist; Not A Racist

Ted Nugent – A White Supremacist; Not A Racist
Human garbage Ted Nugent

AFRICANGLOBE – When Ted Nugent, who has called President Obama, among other things, a “sub-human mongrel” because of his racial background and a “racist” because he said, “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin,” says he’s not a racist I believe him.

I base this on two items I came across while living in Richmond, Va. between the fall of 1986 and the summer of 1995. The first was an editorial in a local Black newspaper, The Richmond Afro- American, written in response to a survey done by a University of Michigan professor. He asked Blacks and Whites what they considered to be integration.

Black folks described integration as a situation in which the population is 50 percent Black and 50 percent White, with a Black or White person in charge. Whites defined integration as a situation in which there is one Black person for every 15 White persons with a White always being in charge.

The second observation that leads me to accept Ted Nugent’s insistence that he is not a racist is one credited to a Ku Klux Klansman when being interviewed. He told the reporter that there is a difference between a White supremacist and a racist. “A White supremacist,” he was quoted as saying, “doesn’t mind having a n*gger around as long as a White person is always in charge. I’m a racist; I don’t want n*ggers around.”

Not Too Close

Using the above observations as guidelines, Ted Nugent probably don’t mind having a Black person such as former Florida Congressman Allen West live in his neighborhood, attend his church, be a member of his club or share a drink at his favorite bar as long as there aren’t too many of him and they are prepared to accept Whites being eternally in charge. However, I’m not so sure that Nugent would want West as a brother in-law.

It must be noted that there is a significant number of Black people in this country who will enthusiastically and with gratitude swoon at this position of the Ted Nugents of this country. They are the kind of Black folks who feel very proud when told by a White colleague or friend that “You are not like other Black people.” Such pathetic souls have consumed the poison of White supremacy and they will immediately attack any Black person who rejects such notions.

Racists, on the other hand, don’t accept any Black person for any reason. They consider us to be some kind of infectious agent that must be avoided if possible and totally controlled if necessary. They don’t even want an Allen West to live in their neighborhoods, attend their churches, work at their job sites or belong to their clubs and organizations. To them we are the cursed decedents of Ham, eternally condemned to be subservient to all White people. As far as they are concerned, no amount of education or other accomplishments will ever make us good enough to be in their company.

Though it’s important for us to keep a sharp eye on both the White supremacists and the racist, they are not our most pressing problem at this time. That problem is our absolute refusal to more purposefully and effectively manage and use our huge collective economic and cultural resources. This failure makes us an inviting target for exploitation and disrespect.



By: Peter Bailey

Mr. Bailey is the editor of Vital Issues: The Journal of African American Speeches