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Terrence Howard Considers Leaving Acting for Science – A Must Read


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Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard, a man of many talents

AFRICANGLOBE – Terrence Howard has played almost every role in the book, from a bad guy robbing folks and a heroic hustling pimp to a war colonel and humble South African leader. But his real passion is founded in science.

We all thought Terrence Howard was a bit too quirky to be an actor.

The actor says he has more to offer the world than being a character on the screen.

“I have greater things I can contribute to the world of science than an actor,” the 43-year-old recently told theGrio. “I had a conversation with Sidney Poitier. I asked him, ‘Why aren’t you going to do another movie?’ And he said, ‘I’m not going to do another impersonation of myself. I might have ten years left in my life, and I don’t want to waste it doing something I’ve already done before.’ If I can’t learn from a character, if I’m just going in and taking from a bag of tricks and choices for a character, I don’t want to do it. It’s pointless for me because I have to grow as a human being, and I don’t want the safe road.”

Science was his foundation as a child and he later pursued chemical engineering at Pratt Institute in New York. He actually holds a doctorate and recently started diamond growing venture. Believe it or not, he’s even filed for 23 patents over the past several years.

And did we mention he finished Albert Einstein‘s equation?

Terrence Howard. Scientist. Yeah, that’s pretty cool.


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