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Thug Cops Threaten Pregnant Woman And Her Fiancé With Shotgun For Filming Them


Thug Cops Threaten Pregnant Woman And Her Fiancé With Shotgun For Filming Them
These are not police officers these are government goons

AFRICANGLOBE – A video uploaded to Facebook yesterday afternoon, is causing serious backlash against the tactics being used by thug cops to serve an arrest warrant.

As the video begins, several heavily armed thugs can be seen arresting a man who appeared to be fully compliant with their instructions. Within seconds this “typical” arrest would become yet another example of the incredulous behavior we so often see in the Police State.

As the camera pans upward, one of the goons noticeably has his weapon trained on the man filming the incident. The man filming immediately asks them why they have a gun pointed in his direction, to which one paranoid cop replies, “So we don’t get shot.” 

The man who uploaded the video, identified as Corterian Bay Wright, according to his Facebook page, responds by informing the militarized force that he was the one that brought the man being placed under arrest to the door. While having a shotgun aimed directly at him, he continues to plead with the heavily armed thugs to “Put the guns down.”

After his requests go unheeded, Corterian informs the men that his fiancee (who is next to him) is pregnant. The man who has his weapon drawn responds in typical authoritarian manner, by trying to order him around on his own property. This smug response is no doubt an attempt to intimidate a man simply for exercising his rights to film the encounter.

The goon kept the weapon trained on Corterian, even after the man being arrested was secured in a vehicle and the individuals who were witnessing the encounter had complied with demands to go back inside their house. When Corterian makes yet another polite request for the men to stop pointing his weapon at him, the men continue to bark orders for him to go upstairs. Corterian astutely recognizes the inherent ridiculousness of this order and responds simply “I ain’t gotta go where you want me to go.”

After several more moments of an intense “standoff” between the two men, the man finally relents and lowers his weapon.

This horrifying act by a heavily armed force who claim to be acting under the ‘color of law’ is becoming commonplace. Having an individual with a weapon drawn to ‘cover your back’ is a tactic used by the military when clearing houses in a war zone. When law enforcement uses these tactics against the American people, one can truly begin to understand the mentality that law enforcement harbors towards the general population.

There is indeed a war going on in America. It is not a race war, or a “War on Cops.” It is a war against the American people being waged by violent authoritarians that have no respect for life or liberty.


By: Johnny Liberty

Militarized Government Goons Threaten Couple

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