It’s Time for Black People to Support Their Own

It’s Time for Black People to Support Their Own
It is definitely time to start exclusively supporting Black-owned businesses

AFRICANGLOBE – Frederick Douglass once said, “You can’t get crops without plowing the land.’’  Samora Machel said, “You can’t get tea without boiling the water” and Lucius Gantt said, “You can’t get wine without stomping the grapes!”

African-Americans are the only group of people I know who want a heavenly life who feel the way to get it is to please the devil!

Many African-American organizations and groups have had or have scheduled conventions and meetings. Those groups have been asked to boycott Florida until laws that allow racists to haunt, stalk, follow and kill unarmed children are changed or repealed.

Devil’s Puppets

But the devil’s little puppets said don’t do that because if people don’t stay at Disney hotel properties, Black people will be hurt and if people don’t fly Delta or Southwest or American Airlines to Florida, Black people will get hurt.

The devil’s messengers will say the same things that house Negroes said during slavery, “If massa is sick, we sick too” or “if missy is hurt, we hurt too!’’

Fifty years ago, African-Americans could buy everything they wanted or needed from Black business people. There were Black-owned clothing stores, hardware stores, laundries, cleaners, hotels, restaurants, cab companies, bars, grocery stores, fish markets, tailors, nightclubs, liquor stores, national and statewide newspapers, radio stations, colleges and other schools.

Those businesses are still in Black neighborhoods but now are owned by Jews, Indians, Arabs, Cubans and others that exploit Black communities by taking money out of our neighborhoods and taking it to White neighborhoods in the suburbs. There are more Chinese restaurants in Black communities than there are Black restaurants!

We Must Change

Yes, we must begin to understand that things must change. We cannot progress in 2013 doing things we did in 2003 but we can use strategies that worked well in earlier days.

I don’t care for beast bankers so let’s use an example of what African-Americans can do to the world’s most powerful financiers.

If Black churches, Black businesses, Black families and Black individuals would withdraw all of their money from any single bank all in one day, that bank would be terribly damaged financially and perhaps have to stop doing business because White people with a lot of money don’t keep their money in American banks.

If we want to progress, we must understand that oftentimes proper limits have to be exceeded in order to right a wrong.

The devilish ones want us to merely suffer and smile! The devil’s puppets want us to sing and pray our way to justice and equality but freedom is more likely to come from swinging instead of singing.


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