Top iPhone 4 Cases Reviewed

Top iPhone 4 Cases Reviewed

When purchasing an iPhone case, ask yourself which features are the most important. Included in this guide to iPhone cases: the retail price, the durability of the materials, the available colors of the iPhone case, the advantages and disadvantages to each product, and where you can buy each of the iPhone cases.

Note: The prices listed are the MSRP, and it is possible to find sale prices or discounted prices on some of these items. Just remember when buying online you will still need to pay tax and shipping.

Agent 18 Eco Shield for iPhone Type: Slim, lock-on Price: $ 29.95 Durability: More durable than some silicone protectors. Colors: Black Advantages: If you want to retain the the shape and size of your iPhone, this case won’t add any extra baggage. Disadvantages: Consumers have reported that the case does scratch the chrome on the phone.

iSkin Revo Type: Skin Price $ 39.99 Durability: The silicone material will stand up to most situations. Colors: There are six colors: Rah (light, powder blue), Zahra (pink), Mojave (bright yellow), Nighthawk (black), Blade (royal blue), and Diablo (deep red). Advantages: This product has a color for everyone. The iSkin contains an anti-microbial agent (Microban), perfect for anyone worried about germs. Disadvantages: Pricey

Marware SportGrip for Apple iPhone Type: Skin Price: $ 14.99 Durability The Marware SportGrip for Apple iPhone is a favorite for its durability, and won the iLounge”Best iPod classic Case of the Year” award in its 2008 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide. It’s made of “slip-free, high-grade silicone skin.” (Marware) Colors This product comes in four different colors including black, blue, bright pink and “clear.” Advantages: This is an affordable option. Disadvantages: It is not compatible with other smart phones on the market.

Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case for Apple iPhone Type: Hard, slim Price: $ 29.95 Durability: Very durable Colors: Black Advantages: Users have a hard, durable case plus the advantages of a slim design. Disadvantages : Limited colors available, a screen protector costs extra

Case-Mate Signature Case-Holster Combo Type: Holster Price: $ 49.99 Durability: This product is made of durable leather and an “impact-resistant” shell Color: Phantom Black only Advantages: The Case-Mate Signature Case-Holster Combo is a good package deal if you need a holster. The Italian Pebble leather is a nice touch for a professional man. Another great feature that you sometimes see on Belkin cases as well is the 360-degree belt clip. With a rotating clip, it’s easy to simply turn the iPhone to read it, when sitting or standing, without removing it from the case. Disadvantages: Not very stylish for a woman

Mobi Products Metal Case W/ Clip for Apple iPhone Type: Metal Price: $ 24.95 Durability: The polished polycarbonate metal is very durable. Colors: Black or silver Advantages: Durable yet slim Disadvantages: The clip could be of better quality

Sena Dockable Case for iPhone Type: Dockable Price: $ 49.95 Durability: This is a sturdy leather case. It also has an easy magnetic closure. Colors: Tan Advantages: The case docks easily. It can also be used to store the new Touch iPod. Disadvantages: Limited colors, and it may be too bulky for some users. provides you special and low price iPhone 4 Cases . iPhone 4 Case guarantees that there is no negative effect on the quality of your signals.