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Trump Militia Forms To ‘Forcefully Protect’ Supporters Against ‘Far-Left Agitators’


Trump Militia Forms To ‘Forcefully Protect’ Supporters Against ‘Far-Left Agitators’
Black people who are protesting and fighting at Trump rallies are wasting their time.

AFRICANGLOBE – It seems that the violence at Trump rallies is only going to keep escalating. A Twitter group called “The Lion’s Guard” was recently created with the intent of assembling a makeshift Trump militia to fight off anti-Trump protesters.

“We are an informal civilian organization protecting the innocent, peaceful Trump supporters from violent Far-Left agitators,” the account claimed.

Calling their objective a “mission,” they vow to “protect innocents who can’t hire their own security guards.” They claim to be unarmed, but also darkly promised that they are “willing to forcefully protect people if need be.”

According to RT, the account amassed nearly 500 followers in just a few hours before it was shut down by the site’s creator, who claimed that “Someone just DM’ed me a photo of my child’s school front accompanied by a ‘I’m coming for him’ message. I’m closing this account until safe.”

The group has vowed to make a more formal website aimed at making it “easier to coordinate action.”

Trump Militia Forms To ‘Forcefully Protect’ Supporters Against ‘Far-Left Agitators’
American logic.

In spite of these claims of supposedly “violent” leftists, Trump supporters have been documented on video beaten a Black man to the ground, fought Chicago protesters on the streets in an all-out riot, and the police guarding Trump have pepper sprayed protesters standing peacefully on the sidewalk. The infamously violent and secretive Chicago PD’s obliviousness to the danger of Trump supporters makes it difficult to believe their insistence that they are present at the rallies to be only “defensive” and “protective.”

The Trump campaign has remained predictably silent about this new Trump militia, though based on the way that he has insistently manipulated his supporters into becoming more and more violent and militaristic, this is likely exactly what he’s wanted all along. Now he’s more powerful than ever.

Donald Trump isn’t even President yet, but he already has his own army.


By: Nathan Wellman


Trump Hates Mexicans & Muslims? NOT A BLACK PROBLEM!

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