Five Types Of Women Who Go On Dating Sites

The Four Types Of Women Who Go On Dating Sites
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AFRICANGLOBE – There was an experiment of ours in which some guys we are working with took part.

For this goal, three of them agreed to being  on the internet for 5 months; In the beginning of 2014 we summarized the results of being on the internet for 5 months’; We tried to find out whether is possible to fall in love with somebody, or find a good friend on internet.

Here are the results we have achieved about the types of women on dating sites:

Wild Ones

Principally these are young girls between 18 and 26. They are certainly not mature enough in thinking or in their lives as a whole.

They have many profile photos made often in the bathroom of clubs, bars, or made by themselves in front of the mirror. The bed usually plays the décor in their room but sometimes they forget that they haven’t cleaned their room which reveals us a terrible view.

Ugly Dolls

This group is made up by women and girls who don’t have the nice look but are certainly they do. They also claim that they look good. Sometimes it is better just not to ask them for a photo because you risk of having nightmares for a long time.


These are ladies without a profile picture. (However these chicks may be from the group ”ugly dolls”, so be careful!)

They also cite many famous writers but you always find out that they are kind of underestimated. They can’t live like that and sometimes they are trying to convince everyone that if they don’t find a love partner, they will eventually kill themselves. You get sick of such chicks quickly. If you show that you like them, then they won’t let you breathe.

Divorce And Children

These women are usually very disappointed due to the life they are living. They are often between 25 and 50, and each one is different and unique in her own way. You can find each type here. Almost everything.

They are like a store from which you can buy anything. Of course the problem is that you can’t handle all of them. Sometimes you get bored but you can also find something very special and unique.

Women Who Are Spoken For But Still Look For Something More

These women are usually looking for something fresh and new as a result of their boring relationships. Their men don’t give them any attention, or they may just look for a intimate intercourse with them.

These women are simply bored and don’t pay any attention to the things that their men like as a whole. However these things may not be liked by the other men, or their next boyfriends. The question is that how can they drag their boyfriends’ attention back to them if they always compare their lovers to their men.


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