University Shows Support For Female Professor Body-Slammed By Police For “Jaywalking”


University Shows Support For Female Professor Body-Slammed By Police For “Jaywalking”
Can you name one instance when a White female was treated like this?

AFRICANGLOBE – A recent police confrontation where Arizona State University Professor Dr. Ersula Ore was body slammed to the ground for jaywalking has gained national attention and now more support from the University. Originally, the university administrators supported the police officer. But after a recent video surfaced on YouTube, the University has released an official statement showing more support for the professor.

They had already released one statement, but according to their 2nd statement, they are going to investigate the matter more thoroughly. Then, they recently  issued a 3rd statement showing more concern (possibly because of the national attention the incident has received).  In fact, the case is being covered heavily on CNN, MSNBC, and other major networks.

University Shows Support For Female Professor Body-Slammed By Police For “Jaywalking”
When will the state terrorism against Black Americans end?

Here is the statement that the University sent to the faculty:

Dear Faculty,

I am sure that many, or most, of you are aware of the events that took place the evening of May 20, 2014 between one of our faculty, Professor Ersula Ore, and the University Police. I am also sure that those of you who observed the video and audio recordings of the incident were equally shocked and disappointed that this took place in our community. We ended up with an outcome no one wanted and should never have happened.

Professor Ore is a valued faculty member at ASU. She is an outstanding teacher and mentor. The university remains supportive of her. The entire matter is being reviewed and a further statement from ASU is forthcoming. In the meantime, I want to assure everyone that the behavior displayed in this incident does not reflect in any way the values and principles by which ASU operates. We are privileged to be part of an academic community where diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and respect are central to all we are and do. This is special. We all contribute to this set of values. I very much appreciate all that you do and, like you, hope for a positive resolution to this matter.


Rob Page

University Provost


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Terrorist State Agents Savagely Attacks Female Professor 



  1. Police brutality is geared toward POC and I don’t understand how these racist police men get away with it. This is a violation of our rights

  2. The officers in this case can be brought up on Civil Charges, this officer lied, he did not have the right to touch this woman, not at any time did he identify himself, with 3 pieces of ID, at no time did he call for female official back up. He simply knows nothing about the US Code Of Law nor The US Color Code, she should take everything he owns. If we as Family just knew are Law’s. He is a servant, she had every right to question him, he works for the public, he should be brought up on Civil Charges.

  3. First and foremost, you aren’t required to carry an ID unless you are driving a motor vehicle. Secondly, it seemed to me that the officer went clearly overboard and was frustrated by herquestioning the reason for the stop and not producing the ID.

  4. I am black i am from atl… just do what they say…

    go sit your uncle ruckus ass down somewhere…its overtly clear the officer had bad judgment…no one deserves to be treated that way by no one..especially when its no threat to the officers life….. badge or not…your myopic view is a end result of brainwashed conditioning, and its sick knowing its coming out of the mouth of someone equally oppressed.

  5. He asked for ID and she refused. He asked her to put her hands behind her back. She refused. What is a cop supose to do when someone refuses…just let them go and say have a nice day. I am black and from AL and prejudice is alive and well BUT in this case you got to do what the officer instructs you to do.