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Unmet Promises Undermining Liberal Black Vote?


Unmet Promises Undermining Liberal Black Vote?
Black voters gave Obama 93% of their vote and got nothing in return

AFRICANGLOBE – A conservative Black activist is skeptical that a new “get-out-the-vote” campaign by the Congressional Black Caucus will help Democrats in key Senate races this fall.

Leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus are focusing on states like North Carolina, Louisiana, and Arkansas, where incumbent Senate Democrats are in danger of losing; and Georgia and Kentucky, where they believe they can defeat incumbent Republicans. The CBC outreach targeted 3,000 Black churches across the country in a campaign that kicked off over the weekend and anticipates enlisting the participation of as many as 40,000 pastors by Election Day.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-Missouri) told The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) those pastors “know what to do and what not to do” and won’t be telling their congregations to whom they should direct their support. “If there is something at stake,” he added, “African Americans will turn out in huge numbers.”

Horace Cooper, co-chairman of the Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives), said it’s apparent the Congressional Black Caucus is desperate. “The real reason that there’s a lack of enthusiasm [among Black voters] is that the kinds of promises that have been made have been shown, now after nearly six years, to be false,” he explains.

“What the CBC plans to say to Black America is Don’t pay attention to the fact that things have gotten worse while you’ve continued to support us. Don’t pay attention to the fact that the very people that we want you to go out and support have been the very people that have hurt you most.”

Cooper doubts Black voters will be swayed by the CBC’s arguments, likely because the first Black president doesn’t to seem to be pursuing policies aimed at helping Blacks.

“… When the administration seems to spending a lot more time with their outreach to Latinos than any particular policies of use to Black America, you can see how the anger can start to really, really develop,” he concludes.

The Project 21 spokesman predicts many Blacks will sit out the midterm elections – and that some of those who do vote will support an alternative to the Democratic Party.


By: Chad Groening


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