Video Evidence Surfaces of the Aftermath of Mark Duggan’s Killing

Mark Duggan
The killing of Mark Duggan sparked the London riots

Footage from the scene where Mark Duggan was shot by the police last year have been obtained by the BBC.

Duggan died from a single gunshot to the chest during a pre-planned police operation to arrest him in Tottenham, north London, on August 4 last year.

The death of the father-of-four triggered the summer riots in the north London borough and parts of the UK last year.

The footage, which was recorded across the road from a building a few storeys up from the incident, shows paramedics attempting to save the 29-year-old’s life as well as his body being covered by a red blanket.

The video was filmed after the shooting occurred and the person filming the scene can occasionally be heard commenting on what they are seeing.

Initial reports originally said that Duggan had fired at them, although this claim was proved to be false.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) are investigating the circumstances of his death and wanted to talk to the 31 officers who witnessed the shooting but they have declined to be questioned IPCC.

The IPCC released a statement after the footage was broadcasted by the BBC.

“The IPCC is conducting a sensitive investigation of considerable public interest.

“Given this, it is particularly disappointing that BBC News did not afford us the opportunity to view this footage in advance of broadcast, despite our repeated requests,” said IPCC commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne.

“Broadcasting this footage is likely to have caused considerable distress to Mr Duggan’s family, friends and the local community, in addition to potentially prejudicing our investigation and any legal process that may follow.

“We have asked the BBC to pass our contact details to the witness and would urge them to come forward. We fully expect BBC News to now pass us the unedited footage so we are able to fully assess its implications.”

Duggan’s family were notified beforehand that the footage was going to be broadcasted.