Video Shows Dylann Roof Practicing Before Terror Attack That Slaughtered 9 People

Video Shows Dylann Roof Practicing Before Terror Attack That Slaughtered 9 People
Dylann Roof was taken to Burger King by the South Carolina Police officers who arrested him, he obviously has supporters among cops in South Carolina.

AFRICANGLOBE – ‘He shot all the people, please come,’ were the words spoken by one of the Charleston church massacre survivors in a frantic 911 call after gunman Dylann Roof opened fire on her congregation.

Polly Sheppard, 86, was spared by the white supremacist on June 17, 2015, to spread word of his killing spree.

Roof killed nine parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in an attempt to start a race war. He is currently on trial in South Carolina trying to fight prosecutors’ request that he be sentenced to death for the crimes.

On Wednesday, as prosecutors closed their case, they played the phone call Ms Sheppard made on the bloody cell of one of those killed.

Earlier in the week they were shown haunting videos of the gunman practicing shooting in his backyard dressed in pajamas and sunglasses.

In the phone call, Sheppard pleaded: ‘He shot the pastor. He shot all the people. Please come right away. He’s still in here. I’m afraid he’s still in here.

‘He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. Please!’. Roof declined to testify for his own case on Wednesday.

Earlier in the week jurors were given an eerie insight into Roof’s home life through home videos the 22-year-old had recorded of himself shooting guns in his backyard.

Dressed in plaid pajama bottoms and a loose fitting tank top, he appeared standing before the camera in two clips.

Roof was seen pointing his gun directly at the camera in both of the clips. He fired several rounds in its direction in each.

In one, he tried and failed to shoot a book after throwing it in the air.

He was seen reloading his weapon, all the while sporting some rounded sunglasses.

Other clips showed him firing rounds of ammunition at a tree in his home. The bullet-riddled trunks at among shell casings in his home.

Photographs of inside his home show his bed and a stuffed bunny rabbit dressed in the confederate flag on his bed.

A miniature statue of Abraham Lincoln sat among neatly displayed shot glasses and empty alcohol bottles.

Investigators found several more rounds of ammunition alongside empty boxes and pistol cartridges in his home.

The evidence was the last to be submitted by prosecutors who are asking that Roof be sentenced to death.

The 22-year-old’s lawyers rested their case on Wednesday without calling a single witness.

Instead, they tried to submit evidence of Roof’s mental health but were turned down by the judge.

A jury will return to court next month to decide if Roof should be sentenced to death or life in prison.


By: Jennifer Smith