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Video Shows SC Deputy Repeatedly Tased Handcuffed Man


Video Shows SC Deputy Tasing Handcuffed Man
The daily assault of Black men and boys in America by uniformed racists is unrelenting

AFRICANGLOBE – Cell phone video posted online shows a Richland County Deputy repeatedly tase a handcuffed man. The Sheriff’s Department is defending their deputy’s actions.

The incident took place at a BP Gas station on Parklane Road Sunday when a deputy says he was trying to make an arrest, but the man would not get in the back of the deputy’s car.

A spokesman for the department immediately tried to demonize the man by telling reporters that Charles James Lang Jr., 25, had previously been told not to be on the property and that a “no trespass notice” had been given to Lang. Deputies say Lang has had previous run-ins with law enforcement before and the deputy tazed him to get him under control.

Lang is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The Sheriff’s Department claims that Lang has a history of being combative with law enforcement. A State Law Enforcement Division background check of Lang’s criminal arrest record not show any previous charges for violence against officers.

Lang’s record includes convictions of damaging or tampering with a vehicle (2007), breach of peace (2011) and assault and battery (2013).

A spokesman for the department says the deputy in this video followed proper procedure and that because the deputy had to use his weapon, this incident automatically goes to internal affairs for review.


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