Video: Thug Cop Engaging In Lewd Act In Patrol Car — While Ignoring Calls For Help

AFRICANGLOBE – The in-car video of a Pasadena police officer was released publicly this week showing him ignoring calls and opting to have sex on duty instead. In spite of being grossly derelict in his duties, getting paid with taxpayer money to have sex, and refusing to do his job — officer Jeff Mubarak was never fired.

While the incident happened last August, the heavily redacted in-car video was not released until this week. Although approximately 23 minutes of the video has been redacted, what happened in the car is glaringly obvious.

The woman in the car is part of the citizen ride-along program who took her position in the front seat to an extreme.

As the video begins, the young woman is seen rubbing officer Mubarak’s leg. Shortly after that, she leans toward the officer and the two begin kissing. Moments later, the woman leans down toward Mubarak’s lap and disappears. The officer can be heard moaning, and then the police scanner blows up — however, those calls for help would fall on deaf ears.

The remaining portion of the video was withheld from public view. According to ABC 7, the Texas AG’s office says the redaction is allowed because, “the portion of that video would be highly intimate or embarrassing, the publication of which would be highly objectionable to a reasonable person and of no legitimate public concern.”

According to the internal investigation, the pair would go on to engage in intercourse for an extended period, and Pasadena PD says this incident happened while Officer Mubarak was on duty, while parked in a parking lot.

After they had become aware of the incident, the Pasadena police department gave Mubarak a 30 day paid vacation. However, he has since been placed back on active duty as if nothing happened.

“I think the punishment is light,” said Tom Nixon to KTRK, a former Houston Police Officer, who was fired from his job a decade ago for speaking out.

When speaking of the video, Nixon explained, “It’s going to diminish his credibility as an officer for the remainder of his tenure as an officer. There is not deleting it, no expunging it, it’s in the public record. People hold police officers to a higher standard higher stand for a reason, it’s because they have the power to take away people’s liberty.”

Liberty, however, is not something that Mubarak will be losing, in spite of betraying the public trust. Houston attorney Pat McCann has even gone on record defending the officer.
“This is simply foolish and amusing and embarrassing,” said McCann. “It is not a crime it’s not a breach of public trust. It is a grown man and woman doing something they will regret.”

However, it is a breach of public trust, and it is a crime.

Had a regular citizen been caught having sex in public like this officer, they would have likely been arrested and charged with public lewdness and indecent exposure. But since Mubarak has a badge, he is not held to the same standards as everyone else.

Of course, having sex in a vehicle harms no one. But this man was getting paid by taxpayer dollars while doing it — and he will, and likely has arrested people for the same thing. If anything, Mubarak should be held to a much higher standard because of the badge he wears. Instead, however, Mubarak, like all of his law-breaking brethren on the other side of the thin blue line, avoids any and all accountability.


By: Matt Agorist