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VIDEO: Thug Cop Shot At Car Packed With Black Teens A Dozen Times

VIDEO: Thug Cop Shot At Car Packed With Black Teens A Dozen Times
Thug cop Marco Proano attempting to murder six unarmed black teens

AFRICANGLOBE – A new video has emerged showing an officer opening fire on a car carrying six unarmed African American teenagers and firing at them more than a dozen rounds.

The dashboard camera video, which was obtained by The Chicago Reporter, was recorded in December 2013. It shows Chicago police officer Marco Proano shooting into a moving car of the six teenagers at 95th and LaSalle streets on the city’s South Side.

According to court documents, two of the teenagers were shot, one in the shoulder and the other in the left hip and right heel.

Retired Cook County Judge Andrew Berman, who judged one criminal case against one of the teenagers in the car, was so troubled by the footage that he provided it to the Reporter.

“I’ve seen lots of gruesome, grisly crimes,” Berman said. “But this is disturbing on a whole different level.”

Proano has been accused of using excessive violence and force more than one time, but this was the only complaint filed against him in the past four years that involved a shooting.

However, he was cleared in six previous complaints lodged against him between 2011 and 2015, one of which was related to using excessive force.

According to the police department, Proano has been assigned to desk duty, but has not received any disciplinary penalty and remains on the force.

The teenagers apparently stole the vehicle and they were charged, but their lawyers did not comment on the charges.

Berman said, “My first reaction was, if those are white kids in the car, there’s no way they [would] shoot.”

“You don’t start firing into a car full of unarmed people,” he said. “You just don’t do that.”

US police have been under harsh criticism for using excessive force against specially African Americans with several white officers shooting dead unarmed black men. There have been numerous protests in cities across the US over police brutality and juries’ failures to bring those officers involved to justice.


Thug Cop Marco Proano Shooting Into Car Of Unarmed Teens

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