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VIDEO: Trump Supporter Sucker Punches Black Protester


VIDEO: Trump Supporter Sucker Punches Black Protester
Trump supporter punches protester.

AFRICANGLOBE – A young Black protester was assaulted by a Trump supporter without provocation at a Donald Trump rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

In the video, several young Black men are protesting nonviolently during Trump’s speech. The men are near the back of the Crown Coliseum, surrounded by white Trump supporters. One of the young protesters is seen shouting back at the rally attendees, who are yelling at them and making rude gestures.

As the exchange becomes more heated, several tan-shirted private security officers show up to escort the protesters away from the event. The protesters quickly acquiesce and being walking calmly toward the exit. Then, one Trump supporter walks to the end of the row, waits for his opportunity, and swiftly sucker punches one of the protesters in the face.

But rather than arrest the violent Trump supporter, security guards tackled the young man who was punched and knock him to the ground. Not one security officer attempts to even confront the Trump supporter who threw the punch, despite several witnessing the full encounter clearly.

The young protester’s name has not yet been publicly released as of this writing, nor has the name of his attacker.

Sadly, these kinds of assaults and hateful acts are all too common at Donald Trump rallies. In addition to his hateful rhetoric, he has inspired these kinds of violent attacks at many of his rallies, including incidents in Alabama, Kentucky, and elsewhere, even telling his supporters to steal the coat of one protester as they were being pushed into a freezing night.

Trump’s rhetoric has also been correlated to a sharp increase in the number of hate crimes against Muslims and against those who appear to be Muslims, starting directly after he hit the political scene and began to cast wild aspersions on all people of Muslim faith.


By: Zach Cartwright


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