The Visa Black Card – A High-End Charge Card

Black American
by szeke

The Visa Black Card – A High-End Charge Card

A black credit card is a widely-accepted vision of exclusivity and therefore means, stemming from the now exposed amenities of the very first emblem of power – the AMEX Centurion black card. Visa took the concept of black cards to a whole new level of promotion by making it widely available to the public, even though it is limited to just about 3 million people. For a better understanding of what the exclusive cards offer, there follows a comparison of their claimed benefits below:

– The first one is, of course, exclusivity. The Visa Black Card is touted as being available to just the top 1% of the continental American populace, which comes out to slightly over 3 million lucky carders. The Centurion, on the other hand, isn’t really even available necessarily to the very rich; they first have to have an American Express Platinum, on which they have charged $ 250,000 in a single year. Then; they have to actually wait to be invited by the Centurion brass, after which a whole new level of access is opened to them.

– The annual fee of the AMEX centurion is a whopping – although clearly not to the people who carry one – $ 2500. The Visa Black comes in with a (good) whimper at just $ 42 monthly, or $ 495 annually. Of course, the things they offer are quite a bit different to justify these fees.

– The concierge services of both black cards are always available, so that’s a wash. What is most certainly not even is what either one can do for you. The Visa Black concierge service is very good and helpful, especially in unfamiliar locales; the AMEX, on the other hand, can secure the kinds of things you expect presidents to be able to get done. Are you rich and need a vial of sand from the beaches of the Caspian Sea? It has been reported that a rich client once secured this from the Centurion people, who sent a courier to extract the sand and overnight-mailed it to their rich card-holder so that his daughter could complete a class project in style.

Visa Black has nothing like the $ 10,000 initiation fee of the Centurion, which might be considered a good thing, until you remember that for the true holders of the Centurion, such a price is a paltry and irrelevant thing. Visa Black is the rich card for those that aren’t quite there yet, but are ambitious enough to be trying to get there. For a short run-down of what the Visa Black offers, consider:

– 1% cash-back on all purchases, or travel points instead.
– 24 hour concierge
– Priority Pass access to 600 airport lounges in 90 countries
– A Rewards Program sending you luxury gifts
– A novel deep black Carbon Card

If you easily spend more than $ 50 when eating out alone or with a single friend, then that’s a sure sign that the annual fee of $ 495 won’t bother you, or make you think twice about owning this prestigious Visa Black Card. It’s a credit card generally used by frequent travelers (who would benefit tremendously from the reward points, lounges access and concierge services), businessmen and businesswomen – especially when trying to impress a client, and young entrepreneurs. Otherwise, there are other, better low interest cards to suit your lifestyle.

Christina Thomas is a Visa Black Card associate who worked in the credit sector for ten years. She analyzes stocks and bonds currently, and has compared the various black cards for major magazines, from the black Visa to the AMEX Centurion.