War On Black Children: Black Students Arrested For Waiting For School Bus

Black Students Arrested While Waiting For School Bus
State terrorism against Black kids seems to be geared towards getting them into the US prison system as early as possible

AFRICANGLOBE – Three teenagers were arrested last week while waiting for a school bus. The students, from Rochester, New York, were charged with obstructing pedestrian traffic and disorderly conduct, but they say they were doing nothing but standing.

The teenagers, who are Black, are students at Edison High School, reports a Rochester news outlet. While there was no school last Wednesday, the coach of the varsity basketball team had arranged for them to be picked up by a bus to go to a scrimmage match.

“We were just waiting for our bus and he started arrested us,” Wan’Tauhjs Weathers told RochesterHomepage.net.

A police officer arrested them after he asked the boys to disperse. The police saythey were blocking the sidewalk and the entrance to a store and they say they told the teens to leave several times,” according to WHEC Rochester.

Jacob Scott, the varsity coach, arrived and unsuccessfully tried to get the police to release them. “It’s a catastrophe. These young men were doing nothing wrong, nothing wrong. They did exactly what they were supposed to do and still they get arrested,” Scott said.

The boys had to post $200 in bail to be home for Thanksgiving. A trial date is set for December 11.

A school board member also criticized the police, according to RochesterHomepage.net. “I think the charges should be immediately dropped and I think the district attorney’s office should be stepping in an looking at these kinds of matters,” said Mary Adams.


By: Alex Kane


The War On Black Children