The War Against Black Children – Change Begins With Us

Black children incarcerated
Exposing children to a negative culture breeds negative behavior

AFRICANGLOBE – When will the season for hurting Black children be over? How long will the pains last? How many more parents will have to bury their child?

Parents know that children copy the behavior of those that they glorify. We are the enemy, determined to make our youth copy the ways of those that we glorify. We force exposure.

What could be so great about a hot music track or celebrity personality that justifies luring your own child to self-destruction? Respect. Why don’t we teach our children to always give respect and to never accept disrespect? We must lead by example.

The reason that I have fought against N-word usage is because at it’s worse; it is the ultimate form of disrespect against Blacks. The word was never meant for a human being or a child of God. The N-word was meant for a beast without a God. We announce to God that we are not children of God with every N-word utterance.

For everyone to see, place the flag of respect on the highest hill. Conquer that bloody mountain of disrespect called the N-word and place the flag there. Let it be known that all disrespect against children that falls under that mountain will not be tolerated. Leave the children alone. Let them be. I know that adults will always use the N-word and other curse words. However, we must teach our children that certain language usage is wrong.

Those that want to force an enemy into our homes know that we will welcome an enemy, as long as he comes with friends. It is predictable. I spoke up against the N-word usage in Quintin Tarantino’s movie Django for that very reason. For access to entertainment and great celebrity performances, we must also accept the N-word and the acceptance of disrespect.

I have seen children in trouble. I have attended funerals of children. Millions of our children are confused and lost. I have seen the Courts, YDCs and Alternative schools filled with our Black youth. It hurts.

Some of our celebrities have no hearts. Our children should not be copying the ways of murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes, hustlers, those that hurt us, those that beat on women and those that have no respect for sex in deadly waters.

Our children should be copying the ways of scholars and parents that do an honest day’s work to support their own. Children need to be drawn to home, not away from home.

Why do we fight for the right to destroy a young Black mind? We fight so hard. Why? History has shown us with perfection that those that demand respect are always on top and those that accept disrespect are always on the bottom.

Let’s not condition youth to accept disrespect. My wish is that all media, especially Black media, will help me get the word out that adults exposing our children to disrespect will not be tolerated.

I need the help of people that care. Our kids are God’s kids. We are outnumbered in this war. However, the fight is not fair, because we have God on our side. Help me to help our children. Change begins with us.

Roy Miller is an attorney practicing in Macon, Ga. A primary focus of his practice is on securing safe environments for young people. Visit his website at He can also be reached via email at Attorney Roy Miler at