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WATCH: NYPD Thug Picks A Fight With A Man. It Was Almost Eric Garner All Over Again

WATCH: NYPD Thug Picks A Fight With A Man. It Was Almost Eric Garner All Over Again
NYPD thugs are terrorizing Black neighborhoods in New York

AFRICANGLOBE – A viral video has been posted online which shows a belligerent police officer harassing a man who did nothing wrong.

The 8-minute video is eerily similar to that of Eric Garner who was murdered by the NYPD for acting in a similarly frustrated manner. This man could have likely suffered the same fate.

As the video begins, we see two plainclothes NYPD cops approach a man who goes by the name of Goodbrotha Saykou. The officers immediately demand his ID and Saykou complies.

The stop was allegedly over whether or not Saykou was in possession of a pen knife. This tactic of NYPD stopping people over perfectly legal pocket knives is often used as a means of revenue collection for the city.

As we’ve reported in the past, NYPD cops will take a legal pocket knife, and flick the blade out and call it a gravity knife. They will then arrest, and collect money from the individual in possession of the knife. The 50’s era knife law and subsequent extortion scam are used to arrest thousands of Black people. 

When will America start to apply its laws consistently?

According to the man who posted the video, Jun Iceaa, the pair had just left a pizza shop when they were stopped. What happens next is an example of why so many people have contempt for the police.

Saykou was simply frustrated that he was being stopped for no reason, but he still complied and gave his ID. Then the officer attempts to detain him, in handcuffs. Naturally, Saykou does not want to be deprived of his freedom without being given a reason, so he tells the officer that he cannot handcuff him.

At this point, Saykou should have remained silent and asked for a supervisor. The man filming should have also remained silent. However, Saykou was understandably frustrated and tried to walk away — that’s when all hell breaks loose.

The Free Thought Project reached out to the NYPD Thursday but were not given any information.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Was the officer justified when he began throwing punches at Saykou? Or, did Saykou unlawfully resist his detainment and deserve to leave the scene in an ambulance?


By: Matt Agorist


NYPD Thugs And The Police War On Black America

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