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WATCH: Trump Supporters Attack Black Protesters: ‘Light That Motherf*cker On Fire!’


AFRICANGLOBE – Supporters at last night’s Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas yelled Nazi slogans and called for violence against a Black Lives Matter protester who attended the event.

WATCH: Trump Supporters Attack Black Protesters: ‘Light That Motherf*cker On Fire!’
Donald Trump is a well known white supremacist

In the video, a lone Black man is seen yelling in the midst of the crowd while attendees of the Trump rally pushed and shoved him. One man yelled “Light the motherf*cker on fire,” and another yelled “shoot him” while private security dragged the man toward the entrance. During the chaotic moment, one supporter is heard loudly yelling “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Toward the end of the video, another supporter is heard yelling “Sieg Heil,” which is a traditional Nazi salute.

This is not the first time a violent incident has occurred at a trump rally, either. A Black Lives Matter protester was also kicked and punched viciously by a mob as he was physically dragged out of a rally in Alabama, and a very similar incident occurred when an pro-immigration protester was ejected at a rally in Florida.

In the wake of Trump’s comments calling for all Muslims to be banned from entering the US, Trump has become the #1 preferred candidate of white supremacists in America. White nationalist site Stormfront claims their website temprarily shuts down due to the huge traffic spikes that occur whenever the billionaire Republican presidential front-runner makes a comment denigrating ethnic minorities.

There has also been a spike in hate crimes and threats recently, with 19 reported incidents nationwide since Trump’s December 7th speech in which he called for a complete shutdown of all immigration of Muslim citizens into the United States. It has also been the most dangerous year for Muslims, with a record number of mosques — well over 60 — being threatened in 2015.


By: Tom Cahill


Watch The Full Video Below:

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