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White History: Nothing But A Huge April Fools Joke


Abraham Lincoln April Fools Joke
The idea that Lincoln freed enslaved African-Americans is laughable

On the other hand,  World War II was settled on the battle field because both sides needed raw resources to fuel their industrial complexes. For all intents and purposes, the war was fought over these colonies in African and Asia. Notably, this was a war among Europeans, and presumably the winners take all. World War II utilized more military equipment, created more destruction and more lives were lost as a result of the war than any conflict in recorded history. It concluded with the dropping of the Atom Bomb in Japan.

Unable to use the divide and conqueror technique among themselves, the Allies resorted to recruiting African Americans, Africans and Asians to support the war effort on behalf of  the Allies. In that process, promises were made of equality in United States and independence for colonies in Africa and Asia. By using this their recruitment campaign was successful.

The principal colonizers, England and France sent troops from their respective colonies to participate in Africa and Asia.

England had the most to lose, recruited from the Caribbean Islands, Africa and India. France at the time of World War II had many colonies in Africa that was persuaded to participate on their behalf. When the war was over one million African Americans volunteered or was drafted to fight for their so-called “Democracy” or a better way of life upon returning. Even though they were still forced to operate in segregated units and did not fight alongside their White countrymen.

Nevertheless, the 761st, and 784th Tank Battalions, and the 92nd Buffalo Division together with Tuskegee Airmen made contributions in World War II. African and Asian troops also made great contributions.

African-American, African and Asian soldiers at the end of the war expected social change and independence as  promised . Unfortunately, the promise in America was silent and independence in Africa, and Asia was ignored.

Disappointed, when World War II ended and the Allies were victorious. Black people  in the colonies were paused with great expectations but was grossly disappointed when they realized no change was coming.

When reviewing April Fool’s Day trilogy you’ll find Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America after all, and certainly he was not a great humanitarian. Finally, the 13th amendment freed the slaves and not Abraham Lincoln, and the words “All Men Are Created Equal” was not meant for the slaves. It amounted to another April Fool’s Joke and perhaps the worse one of all.

Or maybe not,  when  you analyze the purpose of the struggle  which was to maintain their colonies in Africa and Asia.  Notably, at the beginning of World War II, the allies had full possession of colonies in both Africa and Asia.

It turns out that the war was a gross blunder because Europe’s economies  were destroyed. What followed was the wars for independence in Africa and social change in the Americas. This puts an end to conventional colonialism. This makes World War II  the grand daddy of all April Fools jokes because it backfired.

By: Sabamya Jaugu



They Came Before Columbus – Dr Ivan Van Sertima

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