White Privilege And The ‘Pumpkin Fest’ Riot Of 2014


White Privilege And The 'Pumpkin Fest' Riot Of 2014
White thugs damaging property during the Pumpkin Fest riots

AFRICANGLOBE – White supremacy structures how the news media frames and reports events in the United States (and elsewhere). There are so many examples of this fact that the difficulty is not one of finding them, rather, the challenge involves which examples of White racial framing to discuss and detail.

Saturday’s riot by White college students at Keene State College‘s annual Pumpkin Fest is a priceless example of White privilege and White racism as a type of social practice and habit.

It was high comedy. Twitter had great fun with mocking and calling out the foolishness of the White pumpkin rioters.

It was also deadly serious. Fires were set, cars destroyed, bottles and other dangerous objects were thrown at random people, and the police were attacked by the White students at Keene’s pumpkin festival.

In a stark and clear manner, White privilege and White supremacy color how the obnoxious and violent behavior of the White rioters at Pumpkin Fest is described by the media.

White Privilege And The 'Pumpkin Fest' Riot Of 2014
White supremacy and media manipulation

Black folks who are protesting with righteous rage and anger in response to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson have been called “thugs”, “animals”, and cited by the Right-wing media as examples of the “bad culture” and “cultural pathologies” supposedly common to the African-American community.

Privileged White college students who riot at a pumpkin festival are “spirited partiers”, “unruly”, or “rowdy”.

Right-wing propaganda sites such as the Drudge Report pander Black beast rapist negrophobia to their racist audience with grotesque images of “black crime” and “black criminality” as a standard theme. By contrast, the violent behavior of White college students is met with relative silence save for a description of the events in Keene, New Hampshire as “extreme partying”.

And of course, the race of the rioting students is not mentioned by Drudge and/or the mainstream news media because Whiteness has no stigma or connection to criminality and violence as seen through the White Gaze.

The racial innocence of Whiteness is one of America’s greatest lies as White folks, here demonstrated by acts such as racial genocide against First Nations peoples and racial pogroms against Blacks, are the most violent and destructive group of people in the history of the United States.

White college students riot over pumpkins, but are mute and show no equivalent expenditure of upsetness or energy over the murder of Michael Brown and the many other Black people killed by the police and White identified vigilantes every 28 hours in the United States.

Hmm…I wonder why?


By: Chauncey DeVega


White Supremacy And Media Manipulation