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White Thugs Assault Black Man, Sodomizing And Tattooing Racial Slur On His Neck


White Thugs Assault Black Man, Sodomizing And Tattooing Racial Slur On His Neck
Police in Marion County, Florida, said Brandon Hayley (left), Lucian Evans (center) and Mary Elizabeth Durham (right) collaborated with a fourth suspect to forcibly tattoo a misspelled racial slur on a man’s neck.

AFRICANGLOBE – Police in Ocala, Florida, have arrested the third of four suspects wanted for forcibly tattooing a misspelled racial slur on a Black man’s neck.

Brandon Hayley, 28, was arrested Monday on warrants for aggravated battery and armed robbery stemming from a Jan. 24 incident involving a 41-year-old male victim. He also faces two counts of battery that involve incidents that occurred after the tattoo.

The victim told investigators that Hayley; Lucian “Luke” Evans, 40; Brett “Wolf” Singleton, 45; and Mary “Beth” Durham, 35, showed up at a home where he was staying.

They allegedly told the victim they were going to cover a gang tattoo on his neck with another one.

Evans and Hayley held him down while Singleton began tattooing the neck.

The man tried to fight off the forced inking until Hayley knocked him unconscious. He woke to find Durham tattooing his neck, while saying, “I’ve never done this before.”

The new tattoo read “F*ck you, Niger,” making it both morally and grammatically reprehensible.

In addition, the old tattoo was still visible under the new one.

But the new tattoo wasn’t meant to be racist, Evans told police when he and Durham were arrested last month.

Evans claimed he and his accomplices were trying to discipline the victim for violating gang rules.

The victim told police that when he woke up, his phone was missing and “his pants were twisted and his ‘butt’ hurt,” according to an arrest report obtained by a local paper. The man “stated he felt like he’d been sodomized, but could not provide any more details.”

Hayley, Evans and Durham remain in the Marion County Jail while Singleton remains at large.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 352-732-9111 or visit OcalaCrimeStoppers.com.


By: David Moye

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