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White Trolls Write ‘Vile’ Comments On Photo Of A Child


White Trolls Write 'Vile' Comments On Photo Of Black Boy
How pathetic. Grown men attacking a child. White supremacy has driven some people to madness

AFRICANGLOBE – A white male unleashed a series of sickening racist comments after he posted a picture of himself with a young child.

A Facebook user named Geris Hilton posted a photo of himself with a Black child, apparently the son of his co-worker, then he and his friends decided to make racist “jokes” at the child’s expense on Facebook.

The post and the shocking comments posted under it by his friends, have now gone viral.

Hilton’s friends labelled the captionless photo with horribly rude and racist comments, including offensive jokes about slavery and categorising the child as an object to be bought at a price.White Trolls Write 'Vile' Comments On Photo Of Black Boy

HORRIFIC COMMENTS: Geris Hilton’s Facebook friends left awful comments on his post.

Baron O’Malley, one of the commenters, left a public post on his page for “Dark Twitter”:

He wrote: “Dear Dark Twitter: These malicious allegations that are being brought against me are completely and incontrovertibly untrue. Despite what you may have been led to believe, I can honestly assure all of you that I dindu nuffin. Sincerely, Barón.”

Since going viral, the Facebook comments have outraged activists, who demanded justice for the ridiculed child.

Among those taking up the matter were members of “Black Twitter”, News One reported. They researched the personal backgrounds of Hilton and several of his friends who had posted comments. For some of the trolls, they found work profiles and reported them to their employers.

This resulted in at least one of the commenters, Emily Irene Red, losing her job at a restaurant.

When her employers were made aware of the comments, they said they were “appalled”.

The child has since been identified by his mother Sydney as Cayden Jace. She took to her Facebook page to express her gratitude for all of the support she has received.

Posting a series of cute photos of her and her adorable son, the mother wrote: “This Cayden Jace!

“When people hear about him, these are the pictures I want them to know about. Not that disturbing image and its comments. We are above all of this nonsense.”

She added: “Cayden and I truly appreciate all of the love that we have been shown.”White Trolls Write 'Vile' Comments On Photo Of Black Boy


By: Rykesha Hudson


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