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White Trump Supporter Goes On Verbal Tirade Against Woman Who Refused To Give Up Her Seat


AFRICANGLOBE – A troubling pair of videos have gone viral, in which a white Trump supporter screams racist and sexist slurs at an African-American woman who is refusing to give up her seat on the New York subway.

The first video can be viewed here:

YouTube user Johja Ka posted the video last week, saying the man went “on a tirade when he was not able to get a seat on the usually packed L train.”

The degenerate can be seen repeatedly screaming “C*nt! C*nt! C*nt!” into the face of an African American woman who is refusing to move. The woman tries to call over to the degenerate’s seated travel companion to “get your friend.” To which the bastard creatively responds with “Get your c*nt!”

The Black woman shot back with “I’m calling the f*cking cops on this little b*tch!”

Eventually the degenerate goes back to his companion, who tries and fails to calm him down. Screaming and stomping his feet, the white male bellows “Worthless stupid f*cking c*nt! Donald Trump 2016! Put them back in the f*cking fields where they belong.”

The Black woman cheered him on, saying, “You’ve revealed exactly who you are.”

The other passengers of the train averted their eyes throughout the confrontation.

A second video shows the degenerate continuing his tantrum and trying to start a physical altercation with the woman.

“Stupid f*cking b*tch!” he screams. “Stupid f*cking arrogant b*tch!”

The idiot’s companion tries to intervene again. “You need to stop!” she says firmly.

The Bblack woman sarcastically says to him “The way you are behaving is okay as well.” The degenerate shoves his middle finger in her face and aggressively screams “Come for me b*tch!”

An unknown woman eventually walks onscreen and gently pushes the obvious homosexual away from the woman and off the train.


By: Nathan Wellman

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