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When White Women Rape Boys


When White Women Rape Boys
Asia Argento (left) raped a 17 year old boy in Los Angeles. Shown with her friend and co-predator of the #metoo campaign Rose McGowan.

AFRICANGLOBE – It is time to start putting women in prison for raping boys. A very brave young man has come forward to expose Asia Argento as a child rapist.

Not surprisingly, some middle-aged individuals think that she couldn’t have “raped” him because he is male, and, also, because any 17 year old boy is so horny that he would love to be raped by a “hot” actress. The individuals who think and say this are desperate for sex, and, are unable to comprehend the price a boy pays when an old woman, like Asia Argento, rapes him.

When she raped the boy, Asia Argento was over twice as old as the boy. She had apparently groomed him for quite some time, then, plied him with alcohol to further her crime.

Contrary to popular opinion, this is not just a “rite of passage” for boys. It is rape.

The first thing to know about boys who are raped by old women is that there is a reason the law protects the boys from old women.When White Women Rape Boys

Old women, such as Asia Argento, when they rape, do every bit as much damage to a boy as an older man does to a girl of the same age.

This has become clear from scientific studies. Dr. Miriam S. Denov, currently with McGill University (as well as many other experts) has noted that the public perception is that women raping or molesting boys is harmless. However, she goes on to note that women raping boys is often much more traumatic to a boy than men having sex with girls the same age.

There are two reasons that boys suffer more than girls when old women rape them.

When White Women Rape Boys
82% of children who report a woman as their rapist or molester are ignored by authorities.

First, the boy is less likely to be believed than a girl (because of our frenzied stereotypes about rape and child molesting). Dr. Michelle Elliot, Psy.D., is, perhaps, the world expert on female pedophiles. Her research shows that in 82% of cases of children reporting a woman as their rapist or child molester, the authorities simply refused to believe the child. This is very traumatic to a child who has been raped or molested by a woman. For instance, Asia Argento is trying to further her victim’s trauma (as most rapists will do) by saying that “the horny boy jumped me.

Second, an old woman who rapes a boy will use emotional manipulation (grooming) over long periods of time, and, use alcohol or drugs on the boy. This results in both boys, and girls, who are raped by women and men, to report 100% that the trauma from being raped or molested by the woman was more traumatic than betrayal by a man.

We now know from Dr. Laura Stemple’s studies at UCLA Law School that women rape men and boys more often than the other way around.

We also know from other studies that even absent the extra aggravating factors of women who rape, boys incur just as much, or more trauma as girls when raped.

It is time to start putting women in prison for raping boys.


By: John Davis

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