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Woman Who Lied About Being Kidnapped By Four Black Men Gets Year In Jail


Woman Who Lied About Being Kidnapped By Four Black Men Gets Year In Jail
Leiha Ann-Sue Artman is conscious of the fact that she live in a society that is hostile and eager to believe any negative lie about Black people.

AFRICANGLOBE – A Michigan woman who said that four Black men kidnapped, raped and beat her for two days will spend a year behind bars for making the incident up.

Leiha Ann-Sue Artman, 25, pleaded guilty to making a false report of a felony, a crime punishable by up to four years. Even though Artman has a considerable rap sheet, the judge did not send her to prison, so she will do her year in the county jail.

Artman told investigators that she had been kidnapped March 27, when four Black men snatched her from her driveway and threw her in the trunk of their car. She claimed that the foursome drove her to an unknown location, where they repeatedly raped and beat her.

The Fruitland Township, Mich., woman kept the farce going by sending her boyfriend text messages that included selfies of herself bound, gagged and bleeding from the head. She begged the boyfriend to pay the “ransom” the kidnappers were asking for.

Artman eventually called the boyfriend to say that her abductors had dropped her near her home. He drove her to a hospital, where she told police of the fabricated kidnapping. She later admitted that she had made the entire story up.

Artman is the not the first white person who accused Black men of some heinous harm or crime and turned out to be lying. From Susan Smith and Charles Stuart to the Emmett Till and Scottsboro Boys cases, this country’s history is littered with these notorious and fabricated situations, sometimes leading to death for the falsely accused.

In addition to minimal jail time, Artman will be placed on probation for two years and will pay a fine of $1,158.


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