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New York City Judge Ready To Bring Back Slavery Laws


New York City Judge Is Ready To Bring Back Slavery Laws
The fight against the new Jim Crow continues

AFRICANGLOBE – Without jurisdiction, federal judge may be ready to mimic “Slavery & Jim Crow” laws and send civil rights plaintiff to jail to prevent jury trials of 10-years old racial discrimination & fraud litigation pending before New York state courts, while rewarding attorney accused of fraud & deception over $200,000.

In a shocking decision not heard of since the Slavery and Jim Crow days and the historic Rosa Parks bus incident in Alabama of the 1940s and 50s, on December 20, 2013, Manhattan Federal Court Judge Paul A. Crotty issued an Order stating that he is ready to send me (Civil Rights Plaintiff Randy Raghavendra), a highly regarded executive professional with two Masters degrees, to jail with $1,000/day fines in an obvious attempt to intimidate him into signing Involuntary Releases and prevent Jury Trials in his 10-years old civil rights litigation of institutionalized racial discrimination, fraud, perjury, malpractice, conspiracy and “bribery” charges against Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger, the law firm of Proskauer Rose and his former attorney Louis Stober that are currently pending before the New York State Supreme Court.

In addition, the Judge also ordered that Bollinger should reward the lawyer accused of fraud and deception over $200,000 in the guise of bogus attorney fees for deceiving and entrapping his dark-skinned former client into signing the July 2009 almost absurd settlement document through successful brow-beating, racial humiliation, psychological torture, and by making direct threats against his wife and little children.

However, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals had already ruled that that the 1-page ambiguous document, which clearly recognized the already pending legal malpractice claims against Stober, required me (Raghavendra) to withdraw only those claims under the federal jurisdiction.

Judge Crotty, after having repeatedly refused to recuse himself from this decade old precedent setting civil rights case, issued this brazenly unconstitutional Order even though the Federal court lacks jurisdiction on any of the former Senior Management Consultant’s other multi-million dollar discrimination, fraud, and malpractice claims against the defendants that are ready for a jury trial and or currently pending before Justice Lucy Billings of the New York State Supreme court.

The 52-years old father of three little children has been engaged in this 10-years civil rights battle with Bollinger who illegally retaliated and fired him in September 2005 for merely attempting to lawfully organize an anti-discrimination minority employees association called the Racial Equality Struggles for Columbia University Employees (RESCUE) and at least a $200 million dollar class action on behalf of the potentially thousands of past and present victims of institutionalized racial discrimination at that 250-years old Ivy League university.

In the 2003 to the 2008 time period, very disturbing and widely publicized racial incidents, including hanging nooses and swastikas and related anti-racism hunger strikes, were a common place at Columbia and I (the highly accomplished Raghavendra) was myself repeatedly denied over a hundred executive/supervisory positions in favor of White individuals with less than a third of his credentials, while Bollinger was doubling his own salary and compensation at that non-for-profit institution.

Previously, Bollinger had used his highly-paid attorneys at Proskauer Rose to successfully intimidate the former Head of Equal Opportunity at Columbia, Zenobia White-Farrel, to drop her Class Action on behalf of all Black employees at Columbia. Proskauer Rose has been the defendants’ law firm in an other multi-million dollar racial discrimination Class Action against Nextel Communications where hundreds of Black employees had accused their employer of conspiring and bribing theirs attorney, Leeds Brown Firm, about $7 million dollars to betray their own clients and deceiving them into signing bogus settlement agreements.

During the past ten years, Raghavendra had spent over 15,000 hours of his own time preparing thousands of court papers and presenting arguments in various courts after spending thousands of hours in law libraries. In 2009, he fired his attorney Stober for abandonment, gross negligence and malpractice after spending less than 40 hours on just one relatively minor case.

Instead of immediately refunding the $10,000 already paid to him in advance, Stober deceived the civil rights plaintiff to attend a so-called Columbia-paid private mediation by blatantly lying to the private mediator that he represented his former client in all of his four cases pending at that time and by lying to me (Raghavendra) that it would primarily be a discussion about creating an Internet based anti-discrimination organization that he could establish in joint venture with Columbia University.

However, at that July 2009 fraudulently-induced mediation held at the Proskauer Rose firm, I (Raghavendra) was only repeatedly brow-beaten by the Stober firm attorneys and deceived into signing a 1-page document and by making him believe that only his 4-years of back-wages claims were being settled without any attorney fees whatsoever and in return for not getting any of the elected officials he had complained to involved in Columbia’s ongoing racial crisis.


Randy Raghavendra, the still unemployed and soft-spoken Plaintiff, said that in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, he will appeal to the Second Circuit and continue his struggles no matter what and that he would be happy to get the assistance of any other civil rights attorneys in this regard and he can be reached at RSRaghavendra@yahoo.com or (646) 229-9971 at anytime.

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