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Zimmerman’s Attorney Plans to Delay Request for Evidence


Zimmerman released
Zimmerman was recently released on bail

George Zimmerman’s attorney plans to delay the defense team’s request for evidence from prosecutors and wants to protect potential witnesses in the Trayvon Martin shooting case, according to the attorney-run website.

In a new website posted today on gzlegalcase.com, Zimmerman’s legal team said it would delay its demand for discovery, the legal process in which prosecutors are required to share evidence with the defense and would make such evidence a public record.

“We are concerned about the release of witness information to the general public, solely due to safety concerns. There has been a lot of animosity and emotions caused by incomplete and premature disclosure of information,” the website reads.

Discovery materials typically would be released 15 days after the defense makes its demand for discovery. However, Zimmerman has the legal right to delay such a demand, according to the website.

The legal team plans to ask the judge to protect witnesses from the potential media glare and will ask for evidence to be released once those protections are in place, the website said.

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