Report: ‘Progress’ Made on Fiscal Cliff

AFRICANGLOBE - Dire headlines about the ongoing "fiscal cliff" debate might give the impression that the country is destined for a harrowing economic jolt....




West African Troops Enter Gambia To Remove Yahya Jammeh

West African Troops Enter Gambia To Remove Yahya Jammeh

AFRICANGLOBE - West African troops have crossed the border into the Gambia as part of regional efforts to support the new democratically-elected president in a showdown with his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh. “We have entered Gambia,” Col Abdou Ndiaye, a spokesman for the Senegalese army. The Nigerian military told reporters that it was also deploying troops to Gambia as part of a “standby” west African coalition force to enforce the result of the December election, which Adama Barrow won.
How You Can Earn Money By Selling These Sneakers

How You Can Earn Money By Selling These Sneakers

AFRICANGLOBE - “Business has been moving faster than expected,” explains Tarik Edmonson, owner & CEO of Their company sales have been strong all over the globe – with orders coming in from Africa, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Their products are available through independent wholesalers and direct from their website. Recently, they've launched an affiliate/wholesale program that allows other entrepreneurs to start their own business and generate revenue from a very easy-to-sell product.
2017 Will Be Africa's Year?

2017 Will Be Africa’s Year?

AFRICANGLOBE - For the economic juggernauts of Africa, economic diversification is no longer an option, improving the non-resource tax systems is a must, and enhancing agricultural productivity is not an outdated concept. Consider this: Higher productivity would not only raise the incomes of farmers, it would also free up resources, such as labor, for other economic sectors.




World Bank To Approve Funding For Congo's Inga Dam Project

World Bank To Approve Funding For Congo’s Inga Dam Project

AFRICANGLOBE - The World Bank is likely to approve $73 million next week to fund an expansion of the Inga hydroelectric dam in Democratic Republic of Congo, a bank official said on Friday.

Tanzania Secures $250 Million for Infrastructure Projects

Tanzania has secured a $250 million seven-year loan from a consortium of local and global financiers, to fund roads and rural electrification.
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Ethiopia Urges Foreign Investment in Railways

Ethiopia has called for more foreign investment into the country's railways, as it plans to build a railway network of nearly 6,000 kilometers in...


Judge To Decide on George Zimmerman’s Bail Thursday

The judge presiding over the bond hearing for George Zimmerman is expected to deliver his ruling Thursday on whether he will allow Zimmerman to...