10 Significant Projects That Were Completed In Africa In 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - Away from politics, 2014 saw the completion of several momentous economic projects in Africa, set to transform countries and regions even further. The launch of these projects is set to bring communities closer together, encourage investment and facilitate more development. Here are only 10 of these projects that have been accomplished in Africa this year.




A Pulling Back of Racism Centers Blacks Politically

by A . A Pulling Back of Racism Centers Blacks PoliticallyTo most black Americans "What more do you people want?" is a callow question.Racial...

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Africa Gets It's First White President Since Apartheid

Zambian Parliamentarians Demand Illegal White President Be Deported

AFRICANGLOBE - Guy Scott had breached the constitution by allegedly usurping the powers from Secretary General Edgar Lungu to act as President and deserved to be sent back to Scotland.
Obama Invite Goodluck Jonathan To Washington

Obama Invites Goodluck Jonathan to Washington for Security Talk

AFRICANGLOBE - United States President, Barrack Obama has invited President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria for talks on issues bordering on terrorists activities in the African continent among others.
White Couple Charged With Hunting Down And Killing Black Teen

White Couple Charged With Hunting Down And Killing Black Teen

AFRICANGLOBE - A white couple accused of using a Jeep to purposely run into and kill a Black teenager in August were charged Tuesday with a new crime: targeting the 19-year-old because of his race. Russell Orlando Courtier, 38, and Colleen Catherine Hunt, 35, were charged with murder last month in the Aug. 10 death of Larnell Malik Bruce.


Al-Qaeda’s North Africa Branch Now in Possesion of Libyan Weapons

Al-Qaeda's North Africa franchise acknowledged it had acquired part of slain Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi's arsenal, in comments by one of its leaders quoted Wednesday.