How The British Planted The Seed Of Disunity In Nigeria

How The British Planted The Seed Of Disunity In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria is a land of superlative potential with its immense richness in agriculture, minerals and human resources. In 1960, when it won its independence from the British, it was the beacon of the continent. Today, Nigeria is touted as the symbol of post-colonial African failure by Western journalists and authors. But Africa’s most populous land was programmed by the British colonisers to fail, argues Adebola Adeoye.
Hands Off Harriet Tubman!!

Hands Off Harriet Tubman!!

AFRICANGLOBE - There seems to be some confusion concerning our beloved Warrior Ancestor Harriet Tubman. Last week on social media I noticed ,what I thought was the worst joke in world, talk about putting Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill! Naw…. Was my immediate reaction because as I stated I thought it was a joke.
Julius Malema speaking to striking

South African Army Placed on High Alert as Julius Malema Meets Disgruntled Soldiers

South Africa is on the verge of a massive uprising, as former African National Congress youth leader Julius Malema continues to push for striking...
China-Japan Acrimony Spills Over Into Africa

Japan To Invest $32bn In Resource-Rich Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Japan has promised financial assistance to resource-rich African nations totalling $32 billion for investment in infrastructure and mineral resource development, in its bid to get its share in the new economic scramble for African markets and resources.

Cops Involved in the Danzinger Post-Katrima Massacre Convicted

A federal jury on Friday convicted five current or former police officers in the deadly massacre of a group of African Americans on the danzinger bridge in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Former officer Robert Faulcon, Sgts. Robert Gisevius and Kenneth Bowen, Officer Anthony Villavaso and retired Sgt. Arthur Kaufman were convicted of charges stemming from the cover-up of the shootings.

U.S. Military (AFRICOM) Will Maintain ‘Light Footprint’ in Africa

The United States military has no plans to seek permanent bases in Africa, and, in the spirit of the new defense strategic guidance, will...
Michael Dunn Jordan Davis (1)

Is America’s Legal System Capable of Defending Black Life Against Irrational White Fears?

AFRICANGLOBE - Florida's "Stand Your Ground" laws sanction America's legacy of untreated trauma, which stems from a history in which irrational White fear and Black male threat were intimately intertwined, a deadly historical relationship in which black men routinely paid with their lives.
Nigeria South Africa Relationship

Nigeria Versus South Africa: Size Matters, But So Does Development

AFRICANGLOBE - Most of Nigeria's 170 million people live below the poverty line, so many complained they didn't feel any richer when the oil producing nation's statistics bureau announced on Sunday the economy had replaced South Africa as the continent's biggest.
Reserve Bank of South Africa

South Africa: Govt Desperate for Black Industrialists

Government should help create South Africa's own Black industrialists, President Jacob Zuma said in Johannesburg."There are many financial institutions that are under the control...


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50 Years of Displacement of the Nubians in Egypt

AFRICANGOBE - For the past 50 years, Nubians have been calling for the right to return to their land. In the early sixties, priority was given to Egypt's wars and regional autonomy. With time, displaced people in Suez and Sinai returned to their homelands, but Nubians remained displaced, despite government promises.

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Uganda to Launch Its First Space Observer

AFRICANGLOBE - Uganda will soon launch the first space observer called Cadimella, Capt. Chris Nsamba, the chief executive officer and founder of the African Space Research Program (ASRP), has revealed.Nsamba was briefing the Vice-President, Edward Ssekandi, who inspected the launch pad of the space observer at Kimaka Airfield in Jinja on Monday.

President Mugabe Vows 100% Black Ownership of All Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE -Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Friday vowed to overhaul business laws to require 100 percent Black ownership of firms, up from 51 percent.In...

Military Hardware Still Flowing To American Police After Ferguson

AFRICANGLOBE - The federal government shipped nearly 4,000 more assault rifles to local law enforcement agencies in the three months following the Ferguson protests, marking a huge surge in the amount of lethal firearms being doled out to police and sheriff’s offices.

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