African-american Professionals Can Expand Their Brand At

African-american Professionals Can Expand Their Brand At

In the modern-day job market it’s not enough to send a resume off and hope that it lands in the right hands. Getting noticed takes work, and it takes the creation and expansion of your own professional online brand. As the premier professional networking site for African-American professionals, is providing black professionals with the tools and resources they need to build their personal brand and establish a business network that can help them learn and gain applicable knowledge in the advancement of their careers.

If you’ve never considered the prospect of marketing yourself, put yourself at ease with the realization that we do so every day. In careers and in relationships we are constantly trying to portray ourselves in a particular light, and your job search shouldn’t be any different. It’s all about accentuating your strengths and putting yourself in front of people who can make a difference in your job search, and offers many tools with which to do so.

Something as simple as creating a profile on is a great way to let others learn about you. Post comments, links, photos and videos on your wall, include information about yourself, and let the entirety of this online community know about you, your career highlights and your goals and aspirations.

Creating a blog at is another great way to expand your professional exposure. Recruiters who visit this site look at member blogs, and the more you blog the better a recruiter is able to see your expertise in a given industry as well as your ability to communicate your thoughts to others.

Participating in the many special events held at is yet another effective way to put yourself out there and gain new contacts in the process. There are always many events going on at any given time, including professional networking events, job fairs, workshops and conferences. Any or all of these special events provide an opportunity to meet people and make a positive and lasting impression. You never know what opportunities may arise if you do.

Professional networking is a vital part of career advancement, and is what the community at is all about. Everyday African-American professionals join with the goal of moving their careers forward. And everyday those same professionals learn, grow and thrive in the pursuit of those goals and the expansion of their personal brand.