The African-American Stance On Bi-Racial Romance

The African-American Stance On Bi-Racial Romance

Crossroads at the Wilderness is an adult romance novel, where Vanderley uniquely takes on a controversial passion of an older couple, Tom and Leslie. She delves into their startling love, marriage, and bi-racial relationship as they grapple with their spellbinding attraction for each other. In one instance, the author reveals an intense moment in their attraction for one another where Tom says, ”I want you in my bed…a kiss won’t do it for me.”

Vanderley’s unique method of writing sets her in a league of her own; evident by her choice of approach to this unexpected love from a mid-life perspective. Being an older couple with grown up children and on the verge of their professional careers, it’s fascinating to see that Leslie and Tom still take to curiosity. Fired-up passion serves to re-awaken and intensifies their youthful zeal.

She refreshingly illustrates the events in the blooming romance of this couple, offering escape from reality into a world of passion and romance while maintaining their firm footing on everyday life.

The author’s balance in the display of a controversial relationship is evidence of her writing prowess. She states that at their first meeting, Tom addresses Leslie as “milady,” while Leslie refers to him as “the black man” and “lady killer.” Her inclusion of the African-American stance on bi-racial romance raises an extraordinary tone to this piece.

Further, her involvement of faith adds zest to the work. Tom’s place as an associate at his church is challenged by his choices. Though he is deferring “God’s plan,” Tom keeps his faith. The author injects questions of faith and belief in God as the story progresses. Tom comforts Leslie after a personal tragedy, ”God never gives us more than we can handle, sweetheart. We have to have faith…the miracle of love.”

The opening of the novel is enrapturing. It delicately transitions into a spiral of tension and romance that gently unravels in beautifully planned increments sufficient to keep your emotions racing and fingers turning until the last page. You will never guess how it ends.

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