What Is Brujeria?

What Is Brujeria?

The whole concept of Brujeria, also known as witchcraft, or black magic is a little confusing. There are some who would associate Brujeria with spell casting, incantations, and rituals. Others see it as a practice that is more associated with cults and gangs. It is incredibly difficult to get accurate information online aside from the fact that Brujeria is magic with malevolent intentions. However, the real definition of Brujeria can be wrapped up into two words, “psychological warfare.”

It happens all the time, you wake up in the morning, turn on the TV to watch the morning news and see a donut commercial. The advertisement is enticing, it shows people running with coffee and donuts, and conveys the message that coffee along with donuts is the perfect way to get energy. You drive to work and pass a donut shop. A part of you wants to keep driving because you know that eating donuts early in the morning is really bad for you, the other part of you feels sluggish and weary. You remember the commercial and decide to stop and indulge in sugary foods that send your insulin levels through the roof.

You caved in, you gave into temptation and the only thing that you have to show for it is a burgeoning waistline. Advertisers and marketers have been using this technique for years. They are appealing to your weaknesses and your desires. They are using Brujeria. I like to think that Brujeria is really about psychological warfare. Instead of fighting with weapons, or with your hands and feet, you are fighting with your mind. We are being picked on by bullies everyday. They make us feel insecure about our bodies, about our weight, about our sexuality, about our life choices. They do this because they understand that their power relies on them being able to control and manipulate others.

Besides, if we didn’t feel insecure, we would not go out and spend a fortune on diet pills and plastic surgery. If we are confident and received support about our life choices, we wouldn’t have to marry the wrong person, or stay at a job that we completely hated just to get approval or to feel accepted. Brujeria, as a concept is insidious and works on many levels. It tears the soul apart. It breaks people down and makes it almost impossible for them to defend themselves against further attacks. Brujeria is nothing more than brainwashing techniques that we see in cults and gangs. Yet, we as a society refuse to acknowledge the fact that Brujeria happens on a much deeper level.

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