Data Storage Reviews For The Fashion Conscious

Data Storage Reviews For The Fashion Conscious

It happened to me, one of the worst things in the world. My computer died and I realized that although I owned an external hard drive, I had not at any point got round to backing up my files; and as a photographer that is cripplingly heartbreaking.

Fortunately, a computer genius of a friend of mine waved his magic wand and did something flashy with the hard drive, and after making me promise I will never ever not get around to backing up my files ever again, told me that he’d retrieved all my images. What a star. As I dried my tears I vowed to become compulsive about backing up absolutely everything and set out to check out the data storage reviews for the ideal data storage solution.

Firstly, I had to work out why I had not used the storage device I already had. All 400GB sitting there, empty. Why could I never be bothered? Whilst trawling storage reviews, I came across a device that answered my question. My sturdy workhorse from Freedom, all big and black and functional looking was just not ticking my girlie boxes. I hadn’t got round to using it because it I didn’t yearn to touch it, hold it and make it mine. Fortunately I’ve found the perfect answer.

The Buffalo MiniStation Lite has the same aesthetic appeal as a pair of Jimmy Choos, or Manolo’s depending on your taste. The sleek and shiny data storage device comes in black, which reminded me of the perfect handbag; red, which reminded me of the perfect patent shoes; and white, which reminded me of a storm trooper, so I felt like Princess Leia. On the technical side, it stores up to 500GB and comes in at a reasonable 150 GBP for the top spec version.

Another data storage device that caught my eye, also based on the aforementioned near loss of all my precious images, was the Kingston DataTraveller Micro USB stick. I’ve been using Kingston USB sticks for years, back when 1 gig of storage seemed enormous. They have always proved to be a stable and reliable device, and even though the standard silver finish doesn’t remind me of shopping for shoes or bags, I have always carried one around just in case I need to transfer files.

This offering from Kingston goes one step further than an ordinary USB stick, by incorporating a slot for a micro SD card, ideal for quick and easy transfer of files from a digital camera for example, onto a computer. This saves the inconvenience of searching through a draw full of cables. The stick is a standard 4GB and retails at a reasonably priced 15 GBP.

There is however an option that is said to combine style and portability. According to the data storage reviews the PNY Attach Lady Flash USB drive is flash in more than one way. The stick is emblazoned with a delicate floral design and has been designed to fill a niche in the market. Unfortunately I can’t help looking at it and thinking bog standard shoe rather that Manolo Blahnik magic.

The design isn’t exactly cutting edge and somehow reminds me of Joan Collins. The trouble with some attempts to create a stylish product is that it becomes a gimmick. This USB stick is a regular storage device with a sticker on and offers nothing other novelty pen drives can’t. In fact, I’d probably go for the ultimate in novelty USB sticks, the Lego Brick, or maybe the flashing duck, or even the animated USB dog that does what dog do whilst catering for all your storage needs.

Dom Donaldson is technical expert.
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