Discover All The Weird Mormon Beliefs

Discover All The Weird Mormon Beliefs

There is no doubt that Joseph Smith certainly laid the foundation for the Mormon religion. Many of the guidelines as far as the beliefs go is that the Mormons are to be constantly seeking out the word of God in respect to the truthfulness of the book of Mormon. They are told that the positive response to this would be a burning in their bosom. It would appear that most Mormons really don’t study their book or really know all that much about the contents of it. There are indications that this religion is certainly against everything that Christianity as we know it as for what it stands for. To begin with they believed that at one point in time God was a man .They believe according to their doctrine if they have lived a good life then one day they will become gods and will be in charge of their own heaven.

The next fallacy is that God the Father had many wives and that he is still alive and bearing spiritual children . Then there is a belief that Jesus was a spirit brother to Satan. They go on to believe that individuals who have black skin are inferior. That certainly brings to mind the Freemasons once again. It is believed by the Mormons that those that didn’t fight for God came back to earth as a black. It has only been in the last little while that blacks were allowed to become priests within the Mormon religion .

They believe that everyone is saved by grace provided they have done everything they possibly can to live within the Mormon doctrine or have just failed a very few of the Mormon beliefs. Yet again it becomes almost a confusing type of religion because it would seem that no one has a strict foundation doctrine. If you were to start off asking five different Mormons what they believe you will never get the same answer. Again this is like the Freemasons.

Because the Mormons are very zealous in their recruitment by way of being missionaries there are many individuals that are added to the congregation that are unknowing just what they are getting into. Amongst their beliefs is also the fact that they must give generously according to their means of which is typing. Now this isn’t something that is just unique to the Mormons as many religions stand by this as well. It’s just a matter of how far to the Mormons take it.

When one looks at the many similarities to the Mormons and the Freemasons it makes one wonder if the Mormons is actually a spin off of the Freemasons. It stands to reason that this is denied as the Freemasons deny affiliation with any other sector, as so do the Mormons.

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