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Eddie Long Crowned ‘King’ at Church Service


Eddie Long

In a service last weekend at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, the embattled and controversial Bishop Eddie Long received a new title: king.

In a video that appeared on YouTube earlier this week, Long was proclaimed to be royalty by a visiting speaker.

“He’s a king. God’s blessed him. He’s a humble man. But in him is kingship. In him is royalty,” Ralph Messer, who apparently claims to be a rabbi, said over Long. “In him was a land of Israel. In him was a k chromosome. He was brought through the slaves, raised up in a city, and God now wants to release a new anointing.”

Long was then wrapped in scrolls and raised in the air by four men as the congregation went wild (fast forward to the 5-minute mark in the video to see it).

This Eddie Long saga is getting more ridiculous by the day. What church is holding people up as kings and parading them around in a chair?

What do you think of this video?

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