Lesbian Raven-Symoné Explains Why She Doesn’t Consider Herself African-American

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Lesbian Raven-Symoné Explains Why She Doesn’t Consider Herself African-American
Lesbian Raven Symone

AFRICANGLOBE – Lesbian Raven-Symoné is setting the record straight on why she doesn’t want to be called African-American. Last year the Cosby Show and That So Raven alum nearly broke the internet when she sat with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on OWN’s Oprah: Where Are They Now? series and proclaimed she isn’t African-American. Many felt as though Raven didn’t consider herself Black, which prompted a serious backlash for the former child star.

Even though the Empire star clarified her comment, it still didn’t sit well with folks and she once again explained her remarks with E! News’ Alicia Quarles.  Raven stated:

I never said I wasn’t Black. I said I wasn’t African American and to me, that’s a difference. Thank you to Ancestry.com, actually for sending me my DNA test! I am from every continent in Africa, except for one and I’m from every continent from Europe except for one. We went back super far, and for the last 400 years, my family’s been living in Virginia. We are a melting pot of beauty. We have to embrace the different cultures we have. And if you don’t, we’re still gonna have these problems that are blasting up everywhere. And call me hippie, call me a free-thinker, call me someone that’s looking for a better life, but I wanna be in a better world.

Watch the interview below.


By: Jillian Bowe


Lesbian Raven-Symoné Attempts To Explain Her Idiocy



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  2. I hate being called African American, I never chose to be born in America. I am not an Amercan, I am African who was born in America. If i were born in Japan would make me Japanese? I have no problem with her not wanting the title African American.

  3. Let Raven-symone call herself whatever she wants; with all her money she has no sense; let her move to some European country then she can see what they would call her.

  4. You are aware the term “African American” was coined by Jessy Jackson in the 1980s. Many black Americans supported the sentiment behind it.

    Side note: Jews, Italian, Germans, Irish, etc don’t feel any less American when calling their national or ethnic heritage. I guess because they blend into the label “white American” which is simplified (incorrectly) to “American”.
    As if to be American has a one image/blue-print, we aren’t not talking about indigeneity (clearly lol).

    The problem is not the term AA or black American, but American society and it’s underlying “othering” of non-white/European groups. The United States of America has a long long history of doing this. It started with the Irish…


  5. She needs better handlers. Her statements, of late, are “not ready for primetime”. The comment about Michelle Obama could very well sabotage her upcoming role on “BLACKISH”.

  6. Let me teach you something because like Raven, you seem to be misinformed. You stated “but calling us African-american makes it sound like your are not welcomed”, If you never know, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME!!!! But don’t be dishearten because now you know that you are not welcome in the place you have to live, you will know to act and things like cop killing of our black brother, unemployment, limited education etc etc won’t surprise you. Also, calling yourself african-American doesn’t mean you go back to Afrika, it means you know who you are and like accordingly i.e having respect and love for all black (Afrikan people) because you have respect and love for yourself. Evenyone else know who we are expect us, they call us African-americans, African-Caribbeans, British-African etc etc but we deny this because we don’t know who we are, and that’s a damn shame!!!!! Food for thought

  7. Youre partially correct. They dont say European Americans, they say Irish, Italian, Jewish, Greek, Russian. Even 3rd and 4th generation Americans are hyphenates; they claim their ancestors’ home country and culture to the death. They only people who are allowed to have that nondescript American (white) status are WASPs.

  8. That woman should limit herself to her job of a clown in the entertaining business.
    Everybody knows that she is American. Her insecurity is about her American identity is unfounded. The term African-American is used for racial categorization purposes. Even those who say that it is used to remind them where they come from are wrong. It may have been created that way but nobody needs to remind them where they came from. It is obvious to every American that they are either Native American or from Europe, Asia or Africa. When her ethnicity or race is an issue she has the alternate term “black”. But she also has to know that all blacks are not Americans. If she doesn’t have a race that’s good for her she may be among a few people that will pass for any race or will fail all. It’s good to cry all the loud you can that you are American but there are situations where you race can be an issue. Racial description can be needed for identification when victimized or victimizing somebody.

  9. The term African-American is reserved to people like me who don’t want to be racially categorized by our body features because you can tell me that I belong to a race of nappy hair, flat nose, thick lips, black skin…
    For people who prefer those kind of appellations it is their right as it is my right to prefer being called African-American. What Europeans call themselves is their business whether long haired, thin nosed, white skinned, thin lipped, aliens, caucaswhatever… Their choice doesn’t dictate people all over the world what to call themselves. Asians for example have rejected the yellow and brown crap.
    African American, Asian-American, Chinese-American, Indian-American, Arab-American, Japanese-American… are racial/ethnic categorization. They have nothing to do with taking anybody’s American citizenship. Even those who prefer being called whites or blacks have to know that all whites and all blacks are not Americans. Anybody worried about their citizenship should then also reject the white and black stuff.

  10. Good take the rest of Lesbos with you Round all these weirdos up weaklings out the way confuse ass bitches get on my nerves Beat the traffic I’m African and niggas fuck America I just live here by bitch

  11. Raven hasn’t been relevant since the cosby show, even her show, what was it called, not so raven or some crap like that. So now that empire put her in the spotlight again, I guess she just trying to keep it as long as possible, so I’ll just say something ignant….. yes ignant as f++k….

  12. I’m from South Africa & trust me, we do have a lot of Ravens even here at home so Raven is not informed or else she’d know that we have everything America has except that we have a lot of black people in powerful positions not just ‘celeb-dom’.

  13. Leave her alone. She’s in the same boat as Stacey Dash. They cannot represent anything panafrican so let them gooooo. It’s not a big deal. This is silly and goofy. African identity is a state of mind. If you’re not able to locate Africa in your mind, you shouldn’t be able to claim that heritage.

  14. We enriched her and now she wants nothing to do with us and it’s our fault. Hope she truly accepts her “racelessness.” We should no longer support her career in any way … I won’t!

  15. Most know from where their ancestral history came from, and do not need it validated when referring to them, the same as European Americans. We are Black Americans, the same as White Americans.

  16. Samuel Belayneh is correct. Black people are called African Americans to instill in their minds that they are just visiting, and this is not their home. You know…..like, when just a few year’s ago they stated that African Americans time had expired in the USA, to vote.

  17. We are still in the dumb ass debate because WE are still allowing some other people define and name us(that’s still the colonized mind at work). Who in the hell are we? What is so wrong with being African? And if someone doesn’t want to be black so what, let them go.

  18. 1, I don’t have any ancestral line to a white person, nothing I know of.
    2. Do you think the white man doesn’t need it as much as we do so they know and remember where tf they truly come from?

    Do you know what the racist always say to us; go back to Africa, they forget that they also came from somewhere out of America. For them its home of their ancestors but not for us. I don’t buy it.

  19. True .. but they do it so we know and remember where tf we truly come from. Yes we can trace our ancestral line to a white person in most cases but guess what only by means of rape!!! So even that one white person in your time line can’t change the fact that you are what ? AFRICAN

  20. True .. but they do it so we know and remember where tf we truly come from. Yes we can trace our ancestral line to a white person in most cases but guess what only by means of rape!!! So even that one white person in your time line can’t change the fact that you are what ? AFRICAN!

  21. Aaaa She is Stupid, that is why she doesn’t want Africa because we don’t take Shit like Lesbian. You can do that own your own will but you can’t put that crap on us. We love Man and Woman because we don’t live by ideas but Nature itself as it was created.

  22. If i understood you correctly; I am black, so I shall be described as black man, well nothing is wrong with that in fact its an endearment for me bcuz I am proud of it. I am sure they do the same with the white man. but what they never do is call a white man an european-Ameri…..

  23. Aaaa She is crazy, that’s why she doesn’t want Africa because we don’t take shit like Lesbian. You can do that own your own will but you can’t put that crap on us. We love Man and Woman because we don’t live by Ideas but Nature as it was created to be.

  24. she is a mind controlled asset and patsy of the brotherhood ,these are typical atanic individuals who sustain the system through controversies

  25. Ok Samuel Belayneh If the police is every looking for you and they put out a APB. They are not going to say a American and what ever you weight and height happens to be is on the run. They will say a black man with your weight and height. Its only silly black people in America who see themselves other than African decent or black.

  26. I 100% agree with her. off course no body is denying that our ancestors belongs in Africa, but calling us African-american makes it sound like your are not welcomed. How is it okay for a white man, born and raised in Europe and came to America and live for 5 years and is called American; not European-American, while Black people whose forefathers lived and changed the country are still not fully recognized as Americans? For me African American is a mission to make them feel that they are not welcomed in the USA and that their home is somewhere in Africa. Please this has nothing to do with denying ancestors country, but being denied our fore fathers input in creating what USA is now. I can be corrected if I am wrong.

  27. I mean it’s the way she said it. I don’t think people should identify with black either or African American I’m African.. many times we identify with color and never our culture but she is rejecting culture Imo… she wants to talk about she’s a melting pot, please. like dr. Clarks says color tells you how you look it tells you nothing about who you are. everybody’s who is black is not African, stop dealing with European concepts of self-identification. we have a common culture here, “opression” that ties us to our motherland.