Student To Cut Afro After Legal Battle With School

Bilal Zraika
Bilal Zraika

An Australian teenager has agreed to cut his afro, after he was expelled from an Australian private college over his hair-do.

In April last year, the Australian Islamic College in Sydney reportedly ordered, Billal Zraika, to kicked off of his courses because he had breached the school’s haircut policy.

Family of the 14-year-old allegedly agreed to reach an out-of-court settlement with the institution after Billal’s father, Mazen Zraika, filed a lawsuit against the college to demand a reversal of the decision.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald[SMH] Billal said he will cut his hair ‘to a length that is satisfactory to the principal’ and in return he will be allowed to continue on at the school.

Speaking in court today, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton, reportedly said: “He [Bilal] comes back to school, he has his hair cut, and gets on with his life.”

She continued: “It is in the interests of ensuring that the young gentleman can stay at school, mix with his peers and get a sound education.”

“No adolescent needs to be the subject of this degree of focus,” she added.