Tsvangirai Blames ‘State Agents’ for His Sexcapades

Tsvangirai has fathered numerous bastard children

Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has chickened out of his ‘marriage’ only 14 days after paying lobola (a dowry). The prime minister blames the “media” and “state security agents” for “ruining” his relationship with Ms Lorcadia Karimatsenga. “I was well-meaning and had good intentions to rebuild my family and start a new lease of life following the tragic passing on of my wife on March 6, 2009,” says Tsvangirai adding that the press ‘spoiled’ everything for him.

The prime minister did not admit that he indeed married Ms Karimatsenga. He said he had merely “sent a delegation to the Karimatsenga family” and “everything has been played in the press and I have become an innocent bystander in what is supposed to be my relationship”. Tsvangirai talks of “several developments” which have been “deliberately planted in the media” as the reasons why he is now “divorcing” Ms Karimatsenga.

“The ‘marriage’ has been hijacked and there is an apparent active political hand that is now driving the processes,” wrote Tsvangirai in a statement on Tuesday, “State security agents have also weighed in to force and direct proceedings which has resulted in everything regarding this relationship now taking place in camera, with the public media journalists in tow.

“Everything is so well choreographed. The intention is clear: to inflict maximum damage on my person and character for political gain. “This has caused me to have serious misgivings as to whether this will be a perfect union that will inspire young couples and reflect marriage as the noble and respectable institution that it is.” Even though Tsvangirai claims that his original “intention was to make this thing work, to rebuild my family once again and to serve my country with honour and distinction”, he nevertheless said he was no longer interested in Ms Karimatsenga. The prime minister said the relationship was

“irretrievably damaged to a point where marriage is now inconceivable”. The story has made headlines in social networking sites with many people claiming that Tsvangirai – who has been connected with many women whom he has impregnated – should take an HIV test, especially on HIV/AIDS Day. Tsvangirai claimed that he remained “unfazed by this sad chapter”. The abandoned Ms Karimatsenga is pregnant with twins.