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Warren Sapp’s $7 Million Mansion Hitting the Auction Block

Warren Sapp bankrupt
Warren Sapp’s $7 million mansion

Former NFL star Warren Sapp recently escaped bankruptcy, but wasn’t able to save his massive home, having been ordered by bankruptcy courts to auction off his 15,000-square-foot Tuscan mansion in Windemere, Florida. Including a a wine cellar, movie theater, and a resort-style swimming pool complete with waterslide, the mansion was built in 2005 with a price tag of about $7 million.

Once the house hits the auction block, it’s expected to bring in about $3.4 million to help clear the former All-Pro defense tackle’s debts. The mansion is nested in Orange County’s Reserve at Lake Butler Sound, an exclusive suburb that has been tagged as “home to high-profile celebrities, professional athletes and business executives.”

Sapp declared bankruptcy in April of this year, claiming a debt of over $6.7 million dollars, and holding assets valued up to $6.5 million. Some of the items listed among Sapp’s assets were a lion’s rug, and 200 pairs of Air Jordan sneakers. His bankruptcy case was closed by a federal judge on September 24, when the seven-time pro-bowler was shown to have paid off a large portion of his debt. Though Sapp’s Chapter 7 filing is no longer standing, he owes the IRS almost $1 million in back taxes, along with back child support and alimony payments. According to his records, he currently makes $45,000 as an analyst for the NFL Network, so for now it seems that Sapp will be able to square his budget back up eventually, even if it means no more $2,400 watches.

The auction will be handled by Fisher Auction Co., and will be held at the Orlando Airport Marriot in Orlando on November 1.

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