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All-White Christian Conference to End With ‘Sacred Cross Burning’


Christian conference
Christian conference

An Alabama pastor, William J. Collier, has upset local residents by hosting a conference only open to “all White Christians.”

Winfield locals woke up Monday to see fliers in their neighborhood advertising the three-day event which ends with a “Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony.”

“It was put up throughout the town in the middle of the night. When everyone was asleep without the permission of the business owner,” said Tyler Cantrell, manager of Norris Music in downtown where one of the inflammatory posters was found.

The event, which runs from July 4 through Friday, is taking place is neighboring Lamar County but still incensed Winfield residents, Mayor Wayne Silas said.

“Business people are upset. The city is upset. The city of Winfield does not condone this,” Silas said.

The reverend who organized the conference said his fliers were not created to spark controversy and his Church of God’s Chosen, a Christian Identity Ministry, is not founded on hate but he does believe “the White race is God’s chosen people.”

“We don’t have the facilities to accommodate other people,” Collier told reporters.

“We haven’t got any invitations to Black, Muslim events. Of course we are not invited to Jewish events and stuff.”

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