White Male Who Assaulted V. Stiviano Turns Himself In

White Male Who Assaulted V. Stiviano Turns Himself In
Stiviano seen here with Jewish racist Donald Sterling

AFRICANGLOBE – A man has handed himself in in connection to the allegedly racist attack on V.Stiviano outside a top New York hotel.

The 40-year-old Long Island man was questioned by police at the time of the incident and handed himself in on Tuesday, CNN reported.

V. Stiviano reported the alleged assault by two men outside the fashionable Gansevoort hotel in New York on Monday after police said they had no record of it.

The development comes as her lawyer claimed witnesses back up details of the attack on the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling race row.

Attorney Alaleh Kamran and Mac Nehoray say their client was getting into a cab outside the hotel when the attack took place.

‘Ms. V. Stiviano was attacked outside of Gansevoort Hotel by two White males,’ a statement released by the law firm said.

‘As Ms. Stiviano was getting inside a cab, one of the assailants punched her in the face, calling her a f**** n**** bitch. Moments later, Ms. Stiviano was punched again by the same person while he was yelling ‘I am going to slaughter you’. As the assault on Ms. Stiviano continued, some by-standers attacked the assailant.

‘Ms. Stiviano was rushed away from the scene and was seen by a private physician upon her return to the hotel. She is badly bruised and swollen on the right side of her face and has some difficulty with her speech.’

Stiviano was in New York to appear on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton had yesterday said his officers had not received any reports of an alleged attack against Stiviano.

White Male Who Assaulted V. Stiviano Turns Himself In
Gansevoort hotel

Because Stiviano and her lawyer Mac Nehoray had not filed a police report, officers had not been investigating the fight.

But police have now said Stiviano has spoken to detectives to tell them about the assault.

Her attorneys said they are examining surveillance video of the alleged attack.

‘We understand that there are now two videos of the assault that have been located,’ her lawyer’s office said in a statement.

‘In addition, several witnesses have come forward with relevant and critical information regarding the facts surrounding the incident and the identity of the assailants.’

Stiviano recorded the racist rant that was leaked and led to Sterling’s ejection from professional basketball.

He then handed control of team to his wife Shelly before a $2 billion deal to sell the franchise was agreed with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

It came just days before an NBA panel was due to meet to discuss revoking Sterling’s ownership over the team in light of the racism scandal last month.

However the deal has yet to go through as it has to be approved by the NBA and Sterling is believed to be fighting it.

Sterling had bought the Clippers for $12.5 million in 1981.


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