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Black New Orleans 10 Years Post-Katrina

AFRICANGLOBE - Calling Katrina less what nature wrought, more a conspiracy of federal, state and city government along with business interests against the area’s most vulnerable residents – mainly its poor Black population. Over a million people were displaced. Over 1,000 died. Cashing in on disaster followed. Former Republican congressman/current lobbyist Richard Baker said at the time: “We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it but God did.”

The Business Face Of Facebook

AFRICANGLOBE - On February 4, 2014, the social networking service Facebook marked its 10th anniversary. Initially created for Harvard students, the website has since become one of the most powerful forces on the Internet, with over one billion users.

Sudan: Are the Brakes Coming Off the Train?

AFRICANGLOBE - Last month has marked the 10th anniversary of the Darfur conflict where embattled President Omer Al-Bashir of Sudan orchestrated a genocidal war against the Darfurains in western Sudan. The Darfur holocaust was not enough for the bloodthirsty dictator Bashir, hence, he has waged another deadly ground and aerial assaults on the Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile