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African Countries To Watch In 2017

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries face many challenges in 2017, but, alongside these, there are the fundamentally positive dynamics of many of their economies, including a growing labor force, increased urbanization, and advances in technology, as I argued recently in a new Atlantic Council Strategy Paper, A Measured US Strategy for the New Africa.

5 Reasons Why Africa Is The Place To Be In 2017

AFRICANGLOBE - Welcome to 2017. A year that promises so much for our amazing continent. A year with many successes, and limited disappointments. However, there are a lot more reasons why Africa is the place to be. Especially in 2017 where the possibilities are endless. Jumia Travel enumerates 5 obvious reasons why Africa is the place to be this year.

Most Africans Are Extremely Optimistic About The Future

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite facing economic headwinds, political corruption, and shortages in food, energy, and water, citizens in three African countries with almost 300 million people are extremely hopeful about the future of their countries.

New Year And A New Life – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Don’t get caught up in the end of year parties and celebrations so much that the festive activities cloud your minds about what the future will be like for you, your families and your communities. America and the world’s other imperialist empires are not great again they are greedy again, oppressive again, nationalistic again and, in many way, colonial again and racist again.